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Does an ultrasonic cleaner really work? Is it an IQ tax?


Some friends in life have always thought that the ultrasonic cleaning machine is an IQ tax. More than 400 yuan to buy a small box is not cost-effective, let alone can clean their own. However, the idea is too subjective. With the development of science and technology, the development of the times, the ultrasonic cleaning machine is no longer the small box that can only wash the eyes. Now, the ultrasonic cleaning machine can not only clean automatically in batches, but can also be in a variety of reagents for rust removal, oil removal, sterilization, and disinfection work.

The real-life applications of ultrasonic cleaning machines are everywhere:

1. The role of ultrasonic cleaning machines in family life: such as gold and silver jewelry, razors, pens, toothbrushes, dentures, Combs, and cd-rooms also include baby bottles, pacifiers, and fruit. In life generally used for some ornaments, household tools, and fruit cleaning at the same time disinfection sterilization. Ultrasound can also be used in beauty care, long-term use can also keep the skin smooth, tender, and full of elasticity.

2. The role of optical instruments: some optical lenses, a variety of glasses, microscopes, cameras, magnifying ingots, cameras, and telescopes in the lens and parts, through ultrasonic cleaning, not only can clean as new will not have any harm to the lens.

3. The role of accessories: Jade and a lot of complex shapes and more cracks of the workpiece, through the ultrasonic cleaning can clean the traditional cleaning methods can not clean the masonry clean as new.

Why do people now generally use ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning products?

1. Compared with the traditional hand-cleaning method, the method of soaking and steam will consume a lot of time, and the cleaning is not uniform. The ultrasonic cleaning machine adopts the ultrasonic cleaning method, uses the medium to carry on the conduction and causes the surface stain to fall off. It can cover the entire range of water penetration of the workpiece, grooves, and edges and other issues can be cleaned by ultrasound, usually a few minutes to complete a large number of workpiece cleaning.

2. No contact cleaning using ultrasonic cleaning does not need to use a traditional solvent immersion workpiece to manually clean items. Manual cleaning can not meet the requirements of safety and cleanliness. Use an ultrasonic cleaning machine to put the articles into the cleaning tank, and put the solvent into the cleaning tank. Vibration can clean a large number of items, fast, environmentally friendly, and safe!

3. Saving labor and using an environment-friendly ultrasonic cleaning machine can realize the recovery and utilization of organic solutions. In addition to environmental protection, more effective solution to the use of the site, labor costs, and other issues.

For the average user, if you are a lazy person who likes new things, a small ultrasonic cleaning machine can help you clean a variety of small household items, not only save time, but you can also achieve the effect of deep cleaning all blind holes, read this article, on the“Ultrasonic cleaning machine is not IQ tax?” This question, this time you must have the answer.

Does an ultrasonic cleaner really work? Is it an IQ tax?