Knowledge | 2022-08-02

Cleaning characteristics of vibrating head of ultrasonic cleaning machine


The key component of an ultrasonic cleaner is the ultrasonic vibrator or Ultrasonic transducer. The high-quality vibrator can greatly improve the stability and reduce the power consumption of an ultrasonic cleaner. The Ultrasonic transducer consists of a housing, a matching layer, a piezoelectric ceramic disk transducer, a backing, an extraction cable, and a Cymbal array receiver. The piezoelectric ceramic disk transducer is made of Pzt-5 piezoelectric material, and the Cymbal array receiver is composed of 8-16 Cymbal transducers, two metal rings, and rubber washers.

Principles of arrangement of ultrasonic oscillators:

(1) there are different requirements for different product arrangements, such as the degree of oil contamination, the degree of cleaning difficulty, the level of cleaning requirements, and cleaning process design, which all require a targeted choice.

(2) the arrangement of vibrators is not as dense as possible.

Ultrasonic transducer features:

Low calorific value: low calorific value is a high-quality ultrasonic cleaning vibrator that should have the characteristics of the vibrator is to convert the current into ultrasonic, if the vibrator in the process of working in the low calorific value, it means that the heat less, that is, when the current into the ultrasonic energy consumption of less electricity, which will greatly increase the current conversion rate, saving energy, reduce costs.

Ultra-strong vibration: the performance of ultra-strong vibration is a high-quality ultrasonic cleaning machine oscillator should have the characteristics, the better the Ultrasonic transducer of vibration, in other words, the more powerful it oscillates, the better the rate of energy transfer, they are a unified relationship, one side of the existence of nature will show the existence of the other side.

Performance Stability: Performance is an important feature of high-quality ultrasonic cleaning machine vibrator should have, performance stability is mainly reflected in the output stability, that is, the energy output after the next step in the operation of the machine, in the output process has good quality assurance, causes the machine next step operation not to be affected, or enhances the machine next step operation.

Advantages of an ultrasonic oscillator:

The good external performance of the ultrasonic wave oscillator: the good cavitation effect of the ultrasonic wave cleaner is the characteristic that the high-quality ultrasonic wave cleaner oscillator should have, the good or bad cavitation effect decides the ultrasonic wave cleaner cleaning object effect, in short, that is to say, ultrasonic cleaning machine cavitation effect is good, its cleaning effect is good, its cavitation effect is poor, cleaning effect is poor.

Cleaning characteristics of vibrating head of ultrasonic cleaning machine