Knowledge | 2022-09-08

Development of industrial cleaning technology


The development of chemical cleaning technology is closely related to the progress of cleaning agents. The progress cleaning agent has gone through 3 stages: simple type, combination type, and fool type. The first stage mainly uses some strong acid strong base with strong corrosivity, these cleaning agents are simple in composition, and anti-corrosion performance is poor; The second stage saw the emergence of various functional cleaning agents such as penetrants, stripping agents, accelerators, catalysts, Ferric reducing agents, etc., in the third stage, with the improvement of corrosion inhibitor and cleaning assistant, the performance of cleaning agent is improved, a variety of safer, simpler use of special-purpose cleaning agents emerge in large numbers, making cleaning agents more specialized, refined, efficient, safe, serialized.

The development of physical cleaning technology has gone through three stages: PIG cleaning, jet cleaning, and integration. At present, our country is in the second stage of the development of physical cleaning, high-pressure water jet cleaning, PIG pipeline cleaning technology has been practical application, but in the physical cleaning technology integration, the domestic just started, and there has been great development abroad. Physical cleaning with the advantages of less pollution, flexible operation, and non-corrosion will gradually replace chemical cleaning and become the mainstream of industrial cleaning, physical cleaning technology research and application will be more attention. The technology of microbial cleaning in our country is still in the embryonic state. Since the 20th century, European and American countries have invested a large number of human and material resources in this area of research and development, testing, monitoring, and construction samples. The Dutch government spent $1.5 billion on research and experiments in the 1980s; Germany $6 billion in 1995; and the United States $10 billion in the early 2000s. This cleaning technology has become the hot spot of environmental protection cleaning technology research and construction in the United States. According to the actual situation of our professional scientific research units to the blue star cleaning group and the National Cleaning Association of the Western Office of the professional department-based appropriate selection of microbial cleaning technology. Microbial cleaning technology can not only guarantee the quality, but also prevent environmental pollution, and can use normal pressure, normal temperature, and neutral green detergent to carry out the work. In recent years, some advanced new cleaning technology and equipment have been widely used. Lim et al combine large bubbles with micro-and nano-bubbles to remove oil from contaminated sand by flotation. The cleaning principle is shown in the figure below. The results show that the adhesion time between the big bubble and reservoir can be shortened by adding a micro-nano bubble, and the oil removal rate can be increased to 68.6%. Combined with the advantages of ultrasonic cleaning and the characteristics of supercritical carbon dioxide, Lu bin et al designed an experimental platform for ultrasonic enhanced supercritical carbon dioxide combined cleaning, it also keeps the advantage of supercritical carbon dioxide cleaning technology for environmental protection.

Micro-nano technology cleaning principle

The 21st century is the era of clean and environmental protection, research, and development of new cleaning technology and green cleaning agent so that the cleaning process is more refined, efficient, and professional, environmental protection, this will be the development direction of the cleaning industry in the future. The cleaning industry in our country should increase its research and development efforts, develop more advanced chemical cleaning technology, physical cleaning technology, and microbial cleaning technology, improve traditional cleaning technology, and research and develop green cleaning agents, comply with the trend of the times, towards the direction of green environmental protection.

Development of industrial cleaning technology