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The concept and significance of industrial cleaning


“Cleaning” is civilized labor. From ancient human evolution, up to modern people's life and production practice, “Cleaning” this kind of unconscious, or involuntary labor, has always been accompanied by human development. With the progress of society, the development of productivity, and the improvement of human civilization, the development of“Cleaning labor” has become a wide range of practical technology with rich content. In addition to people's health, health, civilization, and the living environment from the aspects of civil cleaning technology progress, industrial production of cleaning methods and technological development is colorful. This article is only from the industrial cleaning“Ultrasonic cleaning” to be expanded, explain some concepts and significance of industrial cleaning.

The concept of industrial cleaning

Industrial products in the manufacturing process of parts, products in the assembly process, the industrial equipment in the storage, transportation, and use process, and industrial system in the continuous operation process, it is always adhered to or covered by various liquid or solid pollutants. The so-called industrial cleaning is through a variety of physical, chemical, and biological methods, the process of removing unwanted contaminants from the surface (or inner surface) of industrial parts, components, products, and systems, and returning them to their original good condition as clean as possible.

In general, to clean an industrial product, the cleaning system should include four elements: industrial products or parts (cleaning objects), adhesive pollutants, cleaning medium, and cleaning force. The entire cleaning process can be expressed in a simple formula:

In this context, industrial products refer to in-process parts and assembly parts, pollutants refer to grease, and solid particles, cleaning forces refer to Sonication forces, chemical molecular forces and other mechanical forces, and cleaning media refer to water-based, activator, organic solvent, etc.

The significance of industrial cleaning

With the progress of science and technology and the improvement of productivity, people have realized that industrial cleaning is an indispensable and important process in the production process. The point of industrial cleansing is this:

(1) it is beneficial to improve the quality and performance of the product

Industrial cleaning is conducive to improving product quality and performance. Removing dirt from the surface of raw materials can ensure the precision and size of the parts during manufacture, and improve the quality of the parts during assembly, for example, in the assembly of cameras and photocopiers, it's good for the shaft hole. Gear meshing and so on. For some products, cleaning is to meet the needs of the next process, such as electroplating pretreatment, Spraying Pretreatment, Vacuum Coating Pretreatment, and Metal Rust Passivation Pretreatment.

(2) it is beneficial to prolong the service life of industrial devices and equipment

Cleaning is beneficial to prolong the service life of industrial devices, equipment, and equipment maintenance. For example, in power generation, chemical plant equipment maintenance, through ultrasonic cleaning, can quickly restore a variety of control spools, regulator sensitivity, and reliability. Such as cleaning automobiles, diesel engine cylinders, piston rings, nozzles, and all kinds of sports bearings, can greatly improve assembly quality, reduce wear, and extend their service life.

(3) it is conducive to a low-carbon economy and safe production

Industrial cleaning is conducive to a low-carbon economy and safe production. For example, all kinds of power plant pipeline devices, because of scaling, resulting in the reduced flow area of pipelines, and increased flow resistance, so energy consumption, and material consumption increase. For example, in chemical plants, all kinds of automatic control systems, such as pneumatic, hydraulic spools, and nozzle of regulators, will be blocked because of dirt, resulting in control failure, which may cause explosions and other production safety accidents. Industrial cleaning and descaling can restore the production efficiency of the equipment.

Therefore, industrial cleaning is an indispensable process in the production process, and the contribution of industrial cleaning to industrial production is beyond doubt.

 The concept and significance of industrial cleaning