Knowledge | 2022-04-08

Crankshaft ultrasonic cleaning machine


The crankshaft is one of the important components of automobiles and motorcycle engines. The cleanliness of the crankshaft plays an important role in the improvement of the overall performance of the engine. Cleaning the crankshaft in the production or maintenance process in production or maintenance process is also an indispensable process. So, what kind of cleaning device can meet the cleaning requirements of the crankshaft cleanness? A crankshaft ultrasonic cleaning machine is the first choice for everyone.

The cleaning of the crankshaft mainly includes two aspects: one is the outer surface of the crankshaft; the second is the crankshaft oil hole cleaning. There are also many methods currently used to clean the crankshaft, such as high-pressure cleaning, artificial cleaning, large flow rinsing, oil pore brush, etc. These are very traditional cleaning processes. They have advantages and disadvantages. Due to the shape of the crankshaft, the surface is uneven, and these conventional cleaning methods often have omissions during cleaning. The stained cleaning attached to the corner is not in place. The cleaning efficiency is also relatively low. The final cleaning effect is also worth discussing. These issues can be solved well with crankshaft ultrasonic cleaning machines. It can also reduce the investment and use the cost of process equipment.

Crankshaft ultrasonic cleaning machines are effective for cleaning crankshaft surfaces, two end holes, oil in the oil diaphragm hole, chips, and some other stains. The blue whale is a professional manufacturer of crankshaft ultrasonic cleaning machines. We not only provide standard crankshaft ultrasonic cleaning machines but also according to customer workpiece cleaning requirements. It is designed to manufacture a crankshaft ultrasonic cleaning machine composed of bubbling, filtration, throwing, drying, and other steps.

Crankshaft ultrasonic cleaning machine