Knowledge | 2022-02-18

What is the application range of ultrasonic vibrating rods?


As one of the cleaning machines, the ultrasonic vibration rod is directly placed in the water, and its application is very wide. Let's take a look at which industries can the ultrasonic vibrating rod specifically applies?

1, biological industry: essential oil extraction, Chinese medicine, natural pigment extraction, polysaccharide extraction, flavonoid extraction, alkali extraction, polyphenol extraction, organic acid extraction, grease extraction.

2. Institute of Laboratory Institute Application: Chemical stirring stream agitation, cell crushing, product comminution, substance dispersion (suspension preparation), and agglomeration.

3, chemical industry: ultrasonic emulsification and homogenization, ultrasonic gel liquefaction, resin defoaming, ultrasonic crude oil.

4. Ultrasonic biodiesel production: A significantly accelerated trochanteric exchange reaction and a variety of chemical reactions in various chemical production.

5. Water treatment industry: pollution water quality degradation.

6, food and cosmetics industry: alcoholization, cosmetic particles are talit, nanoparticles extraction.

7, graphene industry: graphene dispersion, graphene nanoparticles are made.

8, in some landscape lakes, rivers: ultrasonic vibration rods can also be used in algae, supprarrils.

To sum up, we can see that the function of an ultrasonic vibrator is very powerful, and the application in various industries is basically based on the two effects of ultrasonic, mechanical vibration effect and cavitation effect. Buyers can refer to the above information, or go to the factory where the ultrasonic cleaning equipment is made. You can also find reputable factories and special reception staff to speak out about your actual needs in order to better purchase.

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