Knowledge | 2022-11-18

Working principle of small ultrasonic cleaning machine


Small ultrasonic cleaning machines are ultrasonic signal generators (power) generated by the high-frequency vibration signal, through the sensor (vibrator) into high-frequency mechanical vibration, and spread to the liquid. Ultrasonic waves radiate intensively forward in a liquid, producing tens of thousands of small bubbles. These bubbles form and grow in the negative-pressure region during propagation, and close rapidly in the positive-pressure region in a process called cavitation. Bubble closure can form thousands of atmospheric pressure of instantaneous high pressure. Continuous high pressure, like countless small explosions, constantly affects the surface of the object, so that the surface and clearance of the dirt are quickly exfoliated, thus achieving the goal of cleaning.

1, CNC series

Ultrasonic cleaning machine uses LED man-machine interface, digital display, friendly and clear, intuitive and convenient. The performance of this machine is stable and reliable.

2. Use

The new generation of power ultrasonic cleaning equipment for small ultrasonic cleaning machines adopts mature circuit design, high-quality imported components, and advanced processing technology, reliable work, high efficiency, stable output power. Widely used in pharmaceutical bottles, rubber stoppers, all kinds of filter screen cleaning; pre-plating metal non-metallic structural parts of the treatment, electronic, optical, equipment and other precision parts of the cleaning; Jewelry, precious metal, rare metal cleaning; fine powder classification and filter cleaning; chemical fiber nozzle, nozzle plate cleaning; automotive maintenance industry, engine, oil pump nozzle, carburetor cleaning; Biological Laboratory extraction, degassing, medical equipment cleaning and other fields.

3. Performance characteristics

(1) the cleaning efficiency is high, and the cleaned objects can be processed in batches.

(2) the cleaning effect is good, the cleaned parts are not damaged, and the overall cleaning degree of the cleaned parts is consistent.

(3) the operator does not touch the cleaning fluid, which is safe, reliable, time-saving, and labor-saving.

(4) especially suitable for cleaning the complex geometry of the workpiece, no hole, no meticulous.

Working principle of small ultrasonic cleaning machine