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What ultrasonic cleaning machine has a good effect on cleaning circuit boards? FAQ


How to select a suitable ultrasonic cleaner for PCB cleaning? What is the ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning circuit board effect? The following are some references and suggestions for this issue.

The main purpose of cleaning circuit boards is to remove dust, rosin solder beads, deoxidation, etc. . There is no special requirement for an ultrasonic cleaning machine. We focus on the size of the tank cleaning, ultrasonic frequency, power, and other parameters. In addition, there are different types of ultrasonic cleaning machines.

First, look at the size of the sink. Because the working mode of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is to put the circuit board into the cleaning tank and immerse it in the liquid in the tank, the size of the circuit board must be determined according to the size and quantity of the circuit board. Make sure the board can be placed in the three maximum dimensions of length, width, and height. If a large number of cleaning, you must consider whether there is enough space for the multiple plates together. It is worth noting that the circuit board is not too close to ensure a clean effect.

As for the ultrasonic frequency, this paper describes how to select the frequency of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, for reference, I will not repeat it here. Talking about power, power size is usually according to the size of the cleaning tank to match, the customer does not need to consider too much unless there are certain requirements, the need for special customization, but this will greatly affect the cost, need to consider the budget.

Using an ultrasonic cleaning FAQ

1, how to achieve the best effect of an ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Answer: choose the size and type of industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine, set the correct temperature cleaning time, and choose the appropriate cleaning fluid. Consult the manufacturer when purchasing.

2. Why do ultrasonic cleaning machines use cleaning agents?

A: cleaning agents on the ultrasonic cleaning machine have an auxiliary role, for stubborn oil and other problems and cleaning agents can achieve the best effect, cleaning agents in a variety of the best cleaning ingredients.

3. How to choose a cleaning agent (cleaning fluid)?

Answer: At present, commonly used ultrasonic cleaning solutions is containing a variety of cleaning ingredients, wetting agents, and other reaction components of the mixture, which can meet the general cleaning requirements. Do not use flammable or low flash point solutions. Acid cleaning solutions and bleaches should generally be avoided as they can damage stainless steel tanks or cause injury; however, when they are used in indirect cleaning processes, large beakers are used as indirect cleaning containers.

4, ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning for how long?

Answer: the change in cleaning time depends on dirt, cleaning fluid, temperature, and cleanliness requirements. Although experienced operators can make sure that the new cleaning process takes as long as possible, they usually need to be validated in practical applications by selecting cleaning fluids and contaminating workpieces.

5. What is the optimum temperature for ultrasonic cleaning?

Answer: the best cleaning temperature is 50 ° C-65 ° C. Heating usually speeds up cleaning, and most cleaning fluids contain chemicals that work best at a certain temperature. The best way to find the best temperature is to experiment.

What ultrasonic cleaning machine has a good effect on cleaning circuit boards? FAQ