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What should I pay attention to when checking the spray cleaner? What is the system control structure?


The water outlet on the spray arm faces the target surface. Part of the spray cleaning machine arm in the use of loose and rotating, resulting in the spray arm can not face the instrument. Many arms have holes on either side; the holes can be adjusted up or down.

Complete spray guns: In some hospitals all spray guns missing, but the machine is still in use. If the spray arm is missing, the washing machine can not work properly, because the water pressure and water spray will greatly reduce the mechanical cleaning effect. Do not use washers if the spray arm is missing.

Spray arm rotation smooth: test spray arm rotation smooth and even.

There is no debris on the drain screen at the bottom of the washing machine: the drain screen at the bottom of the washing machine will retain the contamination of the instrument group. Remove the screen at least once a day to clean, or according to the number of times to increase the number of cleaning. The clogged screen will hinder the flow of water and drainage, thus affecting the cleaning machine cleaning effect.

The instrument rack coupling is correctly aligned with the manifold. Make sure the water/detergent inlet of the washing machine is properly aligned with the cleaning rack manifold. If not aligned, will affect the flow of water, water distribution, and water pressure and may lead to abnormal washer operation. Insufficient water pressure will make the spray arm can not work properly, weakening the effect of mechanical cleaning.

Spray arm bushings intact: ensure that all bushings, couplings, washers, and so on are intact, with no cracks or damage.

The detergent/chemicals delivery pipeline is clear and functional: visually inspect all detergent and other chemicals delivery pipelines and connection ports, to ensure that the pipeline is unobstructed, and clean, with no blockage, gas, no kink. Also check for wear marks, damage, or leaks on the pipe. If the delivery line is defective, the concentration of the cleaning fluid may be incorrect, thereby invalidating the cleaning cycle.

Check that all chemicals and cleaning agents are in the correct concentrations: make sure that there is sufficient stock in the containers for cleaning agents and other chemicals and that the distribution lines are properly connected to the appropriate containers.

Observe the overall situation of the washing machine: the surface of the cabin should be clean, with no dirt, scale, and other pollutants. These will affect the performance of the washing machine and the cleaning effect. Stains and scale may indicate problems with water quality, high concentrations of chemicals, etc. . Ensure that all applicable washers, seals, and recorders are in normal condition.

Spray cleaning machine system control structure!

1. Automatic conveyor chain: made of stainless steel, driven by the chain, constantly moving forward to ensure the smooth and accurate operation of the cleaning basket.

2. There are two spray cleaning systems, one with chemical spray cleaning, two with spray rinsing, three with spray rinsing, four with spray rinsing, and five with spray rust prevention, the inner cavity is provided with a nozzle with a stainless steel nozzle. The improper arrangement of the upper and lower spray nozzles can protect all aspects of the cleaned workpiece, without spraying the blind area in the cleaning area, thus ensuring the cleanliness of the workpiece cleaning.

3. De-oiling device: before the cleaning station processing capacity, the high oil content of cleaning fluid. To prevent excessive oil content in the drainage, the station is equipped with a de-oiling system.

Four. Filter circulation system: make the cleaning agent in the filter tank circulation, to improve the cleaning effect. Use a bag filter.

5. Water-cutting system: the water-cutting cavity of the spray washer is discharged into the main drainage pipe, and an isolation section is set outside the material to prevent water mist from escaping.

6. Suction system: each spray and cut section has a suction hole that is connected to the main pipe on the side. The front end of the main tube is equipped with a mist removal tower equipped with a Lacey ring, equipped with a centrifugal fan for air extraction.

Seven. Electric control system: the independent control cabinet is equipped with PLC programmable controller, Frequency Converter, contactor, and other main electrical control components, assembled from imported components, with stable and reliable performance, and long service life. See the Electrical Control chart of the control circuit.

What should I pay attention to when checking the spray cleaner? What is the system control structure?