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What are the advantages of the filter ultrasonic cleaning machine?


The use of a filter ultrasonic cleaning machine

1. The application scope and working mode of the filter ultrasonic cleaning machine

Filter ultrasonic cleaning machine is suitable for a variety of chemical industries, metal wire drawing machines, chemical fiber industry, water purification equipment, and other industries, the main cleaning by dirty dust, powder, glue, debris, and another plugging of the inner hole blind hole. These parts are hard to reach by hand and can be cleaned by an ultrasonic cleaning machine for deep holes, crevices, and hidden places.

Filter ultrasonic cleaning machine is widely used in the machinery industry, surface treatment industry, instrument industry, electronic industry, medical industry, semiconductor industry, watch jewelry industry, chemical biology industry, optical industry, textile industry, petrochemical industry, jade jewelry processing industry, glasses industry, etc. . The filter element is rotated in the ultrasonic cleaning machine by the mechanical rotating arm, and the ultrasonic wave bombards the surface and the pores of the filter element uninterruptedly, so the cleaning speed is fast, the cleaning effect is good, and the cleaning degree is high, achieve all the internal organs were blocked pores all clean the effect.

Second, the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine precautions

Ultrasonic cleaning machines in the use of the process must pay attention to the use of rules, filter ultrasonic cleaning machines in the use of the process must remember to pay attention to matters. The power supply of the filter ultrasonic cleaner and the power supply of the electric heater must have a good grounding device. This is very important to the normal operation of the machine. In addition, the power supply voltage changes beyond the allowable scope of the machine should be immediately suspended to avoid power problems, or because of circuit problems on the machine damage.

If an object falls into the ultrasonic cleaning trough, it should be taken out in time, otherwise, it will wear the bottom of the cylinder. Remember that the cleaned objects should not be placed directly at the bottom of the trough (ultrasonic radiation surface) cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaning machines should not be frequently on, or off ultrasonic (interval should be more than 1 minute), to avoid power device surge current damage too much. Turning on the ultrasonic switch should pay attention to the generator cooling fan in normal operation, otherwise easy to damage the device due to overheating. The bottom of a cylinder of ultrasonic cleaner should be rinsed regularly, and should not have too many sundries or dirt.

Do you know the advantages of an ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Advantage one: cleaning efficiency, saving time

In the glass industry, the need for cleaning is relatively high, and daily production is more, so cleaning time for the production industry, time is one of the costs, part of the cleaning equipment is also unable to do, and ultrasonic cleaning can solve this problem.

Advantages two: good cleaning effect, no residue

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment, not only its cleaning efficiency, but its cleaning effect can also solve its cleaning needs, the reason it can do this, is because its working principle and cleaning methods are closely related.

Advantages three: save solvent, save cleaning costs

For the cleaning method of industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine, the addition of cleaning solvent is only an auxiliary role, mainly due to its working principle and cleaning methods, so in the working state of the case, the amount of cleaning solvent needed is less and less than what we need to clean manually or with other equipment.

Advantage 4: no need to touch the solvent, safe and reliable

When the cleaning added cleaning machine solvent, is no need to touch the hands, just add it to the cleaning tank, and set a good time to start cleaning.

Advantage five: the effect is brand-new, with no damage to the workpiece

The use of an industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine after cleaning, the effect will make the workpiece brand-new, leaving no stain, oil, and dirt, and the surface of the workpiece will not produce a little wear or defect.

What are the advantages of the filter ultrasonic cleaning machine?