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Principle and characteristics of ultrasonic cleaning machine for spinneret


Spinneret ultrasonic cleaning machine can make the workpiece accessories instant more bubbles. First, apply the principle of pressure to make the bubble burst and clean. Therefore, the spinneret cleaning method is the least damage to the workpiece cleaning method.

First, it has a good effect on the fine industry. In daily life, such as glass cleaning, precision instruments, workpiece cleaning, etc., all need such equipment. Do you know its disadvantages? Spinneret ultrasonic cleaning machine introduced its four major shortcomings: first, cleaning compliance is strong. The multi-power ultrasonic oscillator is widely used in many industries because of its strong cleaning compliance, not only multi-power used to clean a variety of different workpieces. At the same time, the size of the board and the frequency of the task also have a good consistency, so that the equipment can continue to work in a variety of environmental conditions.

The second cavitation force is stronger. A few ultrasonic cleaning products with cavitation as the technical center, through the sound pressure vibration pressure energy regulation. The multi-power ultrasonic oscillator can stop the multi-power adjustment according to the actual situation, and eliminate the bubble instantly under the premise of ensuring the cavitation force, to achieve the goal of fast and efficient cleaning.

The third type of product residue rate is small, for high-precision cleaning products, but for many products, the deep cleaning effect is not good. The ultrasonic oscillator with good multi-power and mass can break through this bottleneck. After fine conditioning, the bubble can be lifted to a large gap and can stop thorough cleaning. The purified material is not easy to adhere to the workpiece after rapid peeling, so the residual rate of the purified material is low.

The fourth ultrasonic oscillator has good foam density and highly cost-effective rugged operation to ensure that the equipment and the oscillator can form a dense blue-phase display form of foam, the utility model can be used for accurately and orderly stopping cleaning, then quickly breaking through high-pressure bubbles, and several atmospheric pressures occur to achieve the goal of efficient cleaning. Therefore, the ultrasonic oscillator bubble density is high, with good cleaning fluctuations.

If it is found that there is dirt on the external important parts of the oscillator, it should be cleaned in time, especially the important task parts, which should be protected and protected. No liquid corrosion is allowed. In addition, cleaning cans should also be cleaned regularly. After cleaning, use a professional suction tool to absorb moisture from the surface. The submerged ultrasonic oscillator can be used not only for removing oil and rust in industrial machinery, but also for cleaning spinneret in the textile industry. Given the current situation, this oscillator covers a large number of industries in China, as indispensable auxiliary cleaning equipment in many industries, we should stop the superstition of it in daily life.

During the second overheating, many operators do not pay attention to the heat dissipation of the equipment when using the highly evaluated ultrasonic oscillator, which is the most important factor causing the equipment damage. Although a small number of ultrasonic oscillators have overheated maintenance and installation, when the power input is high, maintenance and installation may fail, and alarm at the temperature critical point installation may be delayed. So if you find that the fuselage surface is overheating, you must immediately stop the task and restart the machine after the temperature distribution. If necessary, you can add physical cooling methods to quickly cool.

What are the characteristics of an ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Ultrasonic cleaning machines in the manufacturing industry in a variety of forms, and a wide range of specific applications. The application of oil removal, there are also combined with ultrasonic cleaning composed of a cleaning drying line, and the ultrasonic wax removal cleaning process as a rinsing process, to reduce costs and can achieve results.

1, widely used in jewelry, watches, case of polishing wax and dirt, electronic parts and electronic, computer circuit board flux, rosin, oil on precision devices;

Production and maintenance of aviation and railway systems, automobile and motorcycle manufacturing industry such as gear, crankshaft, gearbox, oil pump nozzle accessories, bearings, actuators, fuel filters, shock absorbers and another high-precision ultrasonic cleaning;

3, precision mold, lighting, lock, cutlery, tableware, and other finished metal products before packaging ultrasonic cleaning;

4. Light industries such as air-conditioning, refrigerators, refrigerators in the compressor, precision textile lattice, nozzles, jewelry jade jewelry industry, surface treatment industry such as mechanical hardware components before plating, ultrasonic cleaning of non-metallic case coating;

5, high cleanliness requirements of precision copper, zinc-aluminum alloy parts, hardware cleaning;

6, especially suitable for good watch injection molding parts before the cleaning film.

The above is the ultrasonic technology in the cleaning industry with simple features and scope of application, a lot of items in the cleaning process will be based on different requirements combined with a variety of cleaning methods to achieve cleaning purposes.

Principle and characteristics of ultrasonic cleaning machine for spinneret