Knowledge | 2022-11-09

Application of ultrasonic cleaning machine for oil removal in industry and analysis of influencing factors on its price


Ultrasonic cleaning machine is widely used in various industries, especially in industrial production that needs ultrasonic cleaning machine. Because industrial production usually needs a lot of cleaning, manual cleaning not only needs a long time, and the cleaning effect is general. Many complex shaped parts are difficult to clean into the interior and clear. In addition to the use of an ultrasonic cleaning machine and labor costs, due to the characteristics of an ultrasonic cleaning machine, the cleaning effect is also very good. The cleaning effect of the ultrasonic cleaning machine for oil removal is compared with that of the workpieces in industrial production, especially for the most common and difficult-to-clean oil stains. The cleaning process of ultrasonic cleaning for oil removal is as follows:

1, put the workpiece into the cleaning basket, and then put it into the cleaning tank;

2, add the appropriate amount of water to ensure that the immersion of the workpiece does not exceed the maximum scale of the cleaning tank;

3. Add a cleaning agent according to the situation;

4, set the cleaning time, temperature, frequency, and power, and then start cleaning;

5, the first batch of cleaning after the replacement of the second batch, a good change of water to ensure that the cleaning effect;

6, after the overall cleaning, do a good job cleaning the machine cleaning.

The cavitation principle of the ultrasonic cleaning machine can speed up the process of oil removal and improve its efficiency of oil removal. In the process of industrial oil removal, the most suitable ultrasonic frequency is 40kHz, which not only guarantees the cleaning effect, but also has less damage to the object, and is more suitable for the more precise workpiece. If you want to better clean the workpiece, and are not afraid of damage, you can choose 28 kHz or 25 kHz low-frequency band cavitation effect is stronger, cleaning effect is better. In addition to oil ultrasonic cleaning machine and ultrasonic cleaning agent used together, such as washing machine and washing powder used together, the cleaning effect greatly improved, (advice professional cleaning agent enterprise).

Analysis of factors affecting the price of ultrasonic cleaning machines for oil removal

When purchasing cleaning machinery, you must be clear about what kind of goods you want. If you choose an ultrasonic cleaning machine, everyone will find that the price level is different, and you can do an accurate analysis, and grasp the primary cause of price-level differences, then you can make a more applicable selection. Many people may not have thought enough about the detailed price range in their selection of the facility, and thus may have jeopardized the later application immediately.

1. The actual effect is different

Although all ultrasonic cleaners, but in the functional level may have a difference, this situation will have a direct impact on the corresponding price, so that everyone in the case of choice, everyone should pay attention to grasp the various conditions, the detailed role of a lot of understanding, and then can be more applicable to the selection. Carefully grasping this role, we go to the selection.


There are differences in quality

The price and quality of ultrasonic cleaning equipment will also have a simultaneous correlation, if we can further grasp the situation in many aspects, and continue to understand some of the specific content, that's a lot of power for future selection. Today's market economic system as a whole pays attention to the price of goods, the quality of machinery and equipment is not the same, and the actual use of the situation will certainly be different, before making a choice, we should do a good job of mastering all aspects of the heart.

Market positioning is different

Each enterprise to the market research and own enterprise equipment positioning is not the same, the same output power cleaning, the multi-functional gap also has electronic device-level departments, in addition to manufacturers in the design, there are also differences in the service life of commodities, with some designed products having a service life of fewer than 20 years, and some likely having a service life of fewer than 10 years, and in the effectiveness of natural applications, some equipment application 10 years the actual effect is still very good, some goods after 2 years have not been clean.

In response to the various types of machinery and equipment on the market at present, if we want to purchase ultrasonic cleaning devices, we must not randomly choose them. On the contrary, we should carefully grasp the details of the facilities, take a look at some of the detailed roles that have been played, and the choices that have been made will be even better. The introduction of equipment can not simply look at the price but is to integrate a variety of different elements.

Application of ultrasonic cleaning machine for oil removal in industry and analysis of influencing factors on its price