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What are the characteristics of an automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine? Radiation?


At this stage, various kinds of intelligent robots in China continue to be developed. My dear friends, have you noticed that human power is gradually being replaced by devices? It is not only the occurrence of intelligent robots that liberates a great deal of manpower, but also the occurrence of fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning machines that liberates the human capital in the field of cleaning, so what are the characteristics of automatic ultrasonic cleaning machines?

1, the design scheme is easy to use, in product development and manufacturing use is easy to use design concept, the product is for large and small companies, and processing plants, and diagnosis and treatment of life commonly used in the development of equipment and equipment. High-quality automatic ultrasonic cleaning to better enable the user to easily manipulate the equipment, the choice is one-button control, to ensure product quality together with the appearance design R & D Department also pays attention to the details of the modeling design.

2. The processing technology is novel, the cleaning steps are set on the work of automatic ultrasonic cleaning. When changing, rapid vibration occurs every second to carry out cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization of the instrument and equipment, the conversion of instruments and equipment is highly efficient. The unique anti-seepage new technology new craft product development, coupled with the high-efficiency ultrasonic cavitation effect basic principle, has replaced the traditional hand-made scrub way, the position of the original cleaning is not by the water wave under the effect of ultrasound, the surface and the blind gap in the dirt shake off.

3, the cleaning effect is very good, full-automatic ultrasonic cleaning ultrasonic accumulation technology has been successful in product development so that ultrasound in operation, to clean the double slits, concave grooves, shallow holes, and buried holes of the instrument and equipment, the surface and internal structure of the small parts of the cleaning edge, at the same time, it also has good effect in the fields of oil removal, rust prevention, and metal oxide removal.

4, innovative and technical content, in China attaches great importance to the full-automatic ultrasonic cleaning product research and development, production, and manufacturing, the successful development of ultrasonic products is of great help to industrial production, diagnosis and treatment, and life. Fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning continues to maintain the standardization of strict requirements of the core manufacturing philosophy so that the ultrasonic field has been at the leading level. Our country carries on the protection of the patent right and the intellectual property right to the ultrasonic principle which has the authority certification.

Automatic ultrasonic cleaning machines in the external design, new processing technology, and cleaning effect are significant, high-tech level with a pioneering and innovative sense of the times and the spirit of the Chinese nation, the innovation of ultrasonic cleaning machines is to improve production efficiency and release human capital, in the conservation of resources, reduce raw materials to the cleaning field to make a lot of changes.

Does the automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine have radiation?

Ultrasonic wave is different from microwave wave. The ultrasonic cleaning machine has no radiation to the human body, the sound wave itself has no radiation, and the electromagnetic wave has radiation. Because the transmission of ultrasound requires a medium, usually water, the attenuation rate of ultrasonic wave propagation in the air is very large, compared with liquid and solid, the attenuation rate of air propagation is the largest, so there is no effect.

If must say the automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine to human body harm, that should be with the human body contact question. When the washing machine works, if do not wear gloves direct contact with the water in the working ultrasonic sink, will feel subtle changes and discomfort. Users should avoid placing their hands directly in the work sink. If you must contact, you should wear gloves for safety. If you are still worried, it is recommended in the automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine work do not stay around the machine for a long time and as little as possible contact with cleaning agents.

The effect of ultrasonic cleaning machines on the human body is mainly reflected in the following aspects.


In general, the working sound of a small ultrasonic cleaning machine is about 60 decibels. It is very uncomfortable to operate it for a long time. You can not hear the ultrasonic wave. What you hear is the sound produced by the cleaning action and the water in the tank, operation for a long time still affects hearing. But now you can also choose better sound insulation of mute ultrasonic cleaning machine, noise interference.

2. penetration

Ultrasonic waves are very penetrating. You put the water in the Teacup and the Teacup in the washing jar. The water in the cup does not touch the water in the sink. The water in your cup still has a strong cavitation effect (the principle of ultrasonic cleaning), pregnant women go to the hospital to take pictures B ultrasound, that is, ultrasound because the penetration is very strong! Strong penetration has had no effect for some time. It must be bad for your health to stay near the machine for a long time.

3. detergents

At present, cleaning agents are chemical products. Although solvent cleaning (such as volatile detergents such as chloroform and washing water) has been largely phased out, it is an alkaline water-based cleaning agent. Because of the high temperature during the cleaning process, it is very harmful to the body for a long time.

Generally speaking, automatic ultrasonic cleaning machines on the human body have no radiation, harmless to the human body, can be assured that the bold use of automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine.

What are the characteristics of an automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine? Radiation?