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What are the characteristics of an automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine? How to choose?


An automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine is a working frequency of more than 20000 Hz of the sound frequency, it is specific, through the working capacity of strong, easy to get more intensive sound, spread in the water for a longer distance, can be used for laser ranging, speed limit, cleaning, welding, sand and gravel, sterilization and disinfection. There are many applications in medicine, national defense, industrial production, agriculture, and animal husbandry. Ultrasonic waves are known for operating at frequencies roughly equivalent to a person's hearing limit. Experts refer to the frequency of vibration per second as the frequency of sound, which is measured in hertz (Hz). People can hear in the ear at the sound frequency of 20 Hz-20,000 Hz. Therefore, we put the working frequency of more than 20,000 Hz sound frequency known as“Ultrasonic”. Ultrasound is a variety of ways, it can be used as detection and load information transmission or as a medium such as b-ultrasound as a diagnosis, ultrasound is at the same time a way of kinetic energy when its compressive strength exceeds a certain value, it can be based on the media and spread of ultrasound interaction, to harm, change or destroy the latter one of the situation, characteristics, and structure as a medical treatment.

Automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine has two basic parameters:

Ultrasonic frequency and power; ultrasonic frequency: F ≥20 kHz (commonly referred to as ultrasound because of similar practical effects in practice); power: P = Signal Strength (W)/total area of transmission (CM2), usually p ≥0.3 W/CM2. The ultrasonic waves transmitted in the solution can clean up the waste on the surface of the articles, the basic principle can be described as“Cavitation”: when the sound wave pressure transmitted by vibration in the solution of the automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine reaches atmospheric pressure, its power is 0.35 w/CM2. At this point, the highest sonic gas pressure of the ultrasonic wave can achieve vacuum pump or negative pressure, but in fact, there is no negative pressure, thus creating a quite large working pressure in the solution, the liquid molecular structure is pulled apart into a fissure-cavitation core. This crack is very close to the vacuum pump, it is the ultrasonic gas pressure in the reverse direction to achieve the highest cracking because the cracking of violent impact of the surface of the object will hit the stain. This type of impact is called cavitation when thousands of tiny cavitation bubbles crack. Too low a sound level can not cause cavitation.

The working frequency of the automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine should be more than 20 kHz, and the frequency of common ultrasonic: 20 kHz, 25 kHz, 28 kHz, 40 kHz, 68 kHz, 80 kHz, 120 kHz, 130 kHz, 200 kHz, etc. . The frequency limitation of ultrasound is still being explored.

Characteristics of automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine

1. Automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine in the ultrasonic transmission, specificity, kinetic energy is easy to concentrate.

2. Fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning machines can be spread in a variety of different media and can spread very far apart.

3. The interaction between the automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine and the transmitting sound medium is moderate so it is convenient to carry the relevant information about the transmitting sound medium to confirm the diagnosis or to cause the effect and the treatment of the transmitting sound medium.

Four. Automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine in the steam, liquid, solid, solid melting, and other substances in a reasonable spread.

5. Automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine can transfer strong kinetic energy.

6. Automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine will occur reflection surface, interference, accumulation, and resonance principle.

How to choose an automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine?

The full-automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine and equipment is a kind of machine and equipment suitable for cleaning industrial production machinery and equipment, aerospace, and other products of the cleaning machine and equipment, the principle of which is based on the ultrasonic cavitation effect, the vibration of the cleaning fluid causes thousands of tiny bubbles, which can cause the shock wave to break away from the stain on the surface of the cleaning object under the effect of sound intensity level. Buy automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment, first to determine their cleaning requirements and cost budget, and then to find a capable ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturer cooperation. With the rapid development of ultrasonic cleaning technology, there are many well-known brands of ultrasonic cleaning machines in China, and their quality is also uneven. In general, all automatic ultrasonic cleaning machines must be customized by manufacturers, these kinds of large and medium-sized cleaning machines and equipment are for a variety of purposes, so in the purchase must be able to select the manufacturers.

The acquisition of fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning machinery and equipment can be considered from the following aspects:

1, the overall strength of manufacturers

The strength of a factory is reflected in its R & D capability, the operation scale of the processing plant, the qualification, and honor, etc., hone a large and medium-sized ultrasonic cleaning machine and equipment manufacturers is not outstanding, then you can grasp the factory's product upgrades and grasp the technical nature of ultrasonic cleaning, only with the front-end process is it possible to develop products and produce products that are more popular with customers. In addition, whether the manufacturer is a reasonable and legitimate application for registration, and whether there is a corresponding manufacturing qualification certificate, is also the main consideration.

2. Product quality

Product quality is the key criterion to consider an ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturer. The quality of the machine and equipment can directly harm the actual cleaning effect and service life. At this stage, many small manufacturers in the market to make their products more competitive, sacrifice the quality of machinery and equipment to drive down prices, because the quality of this product can not be assured, to gain the trust of the market, for the time being, it causes great harm to the customers who choose to buy its products. Therefore, in the case of custom-made automatic ultrasonic cleaning equipment, quality must be placed in the first place.

3. After-sales service

After-sales services include installation of equipment, mid-and late-stage service support, common troubleshooting, etc. . Before purchasing fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning machines and equipment, you must ask the manufacturer what the mid-and late-stage service items are, for example, ultrasonic cleaning machines and equipment must be assembled and adjusted, whether manufacturers can give free installation and home service adjustment, after the application of the problem, whether to give the remote control technical specific guidance or services door-to-door.

What are the characteristics of an automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine? How to choose?