Knowledge | 2022-11-30

Why is the automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine recognized by all walks of life? The price difference is that Big?


An automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine can simply understand here, I hope to help a friend in need.

1. Functional

Many common cleaning products can only simply clean the surface of the stain, and can not achieve the desired cleaning effect, and an automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine can be in a short time to deal with all the stains of the items themselves.

2. High Safety

In product development and design, the consideration is very comprehensive, will not release any harmful substances to the body, whether in public places or home use, will not cause harm to the human body, cost performance is relatively high, it can be said that in the use of the process without any risk, no concern.

In short, the full-automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine has long been recognized by all walks of life, in different positions to show their advantages.

Why automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine price gap is so Big?

Under the condition of fierce competition in the market of ultrasonic cleaning machine operation, the price competition is appropriately fierce. The same customer after looking for the price asked: the ultrasonic cleaning machine price why there is such a big difference, imports cheaper than domestic, there is such a virtue? In a money-obsessed society, where honesty is a long way off, here are some low-cost sales tactics for the operation of the ultrasonic cleaning machine:

1. Imports and domestic disputes: ultrasound components are available in China. Why import them? Of course, some imported components are necessary, such as integrated modules, because domestic product levels and foreign levels are not the same, but many manufacturers' technical data: The Transducer is a German import brand, how is that possible, there are many domestic transducer manufacturers, the price is lower than the import, how to choose the import? Using domestic brands, very low levels of no-brand, fraudulent concessions are one of the reasons: planned imports, but actual domestic production.

2. Real power dispute: the ultrasonic power is calculated according to the actual volume of the slot. The power of the standard machine is calculated from the actual power in the bottom region. Some manufacturers often report high power (now exceeding actual power requirements) when quoting prices that are very low, giving customers a sense of being very cheap, but in actual production, usually, 60% to 70% of the reported power is not cheap for customers. This is one way. The other way is the vibrating plate. Because it is sealed, the actual power of the vibrating plate is questionable. Speculative manufacturers often weld screws in them, but do not install sensors. In this case, is the actual power of your ultrasound still the power you agree with? It is also reported power 60% -70%, to customers a cheap and affordable image, but you have suffered more losses in practice.

3, the actual data dispute: the full-automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine mainly by the stainless steel plate composition, the General 304, has the special request 316L, does not have liquid direct contact with the outer seal plate also by 304, uses a kind of called stainless steel plate (201 or 202) to deceive the customer, the outer surface can not be seen, because it is also very shiny, but after a few months of use, will be seriously rusted, affecting the appearance.

This is the recent ultrasonic cleaning operation in some of the details, and more and more serious. We invite our customers not to believe in cheap prices. Ultrasonic cleaning equipment, like ordinary consumer goods, has too low prices.

Why is the automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine recognized by all walks of life? The price difference is that Big?