Knowledge | 2022-10-26

Ultrasonic cleaning machines that can be carried with you, essential for glasses party


It's busy enough to rush out the door every morning and brush your teeth, wash your face and change clothes. In addition, in recent years, it is often affected by air pollution, and glasses always have a layer of dust. Sometimes the lazy editor just grabs the corner of his shirt and wipes the corner of the lens and rushes out the door. But! This is a kind of very hurt glasses behavior! Because of the sand on the clothes and the dust on the lens, direct friction is very easy to scratch the lens. If you wear a scratched lens for a long time, not only will affect the line of sight, but also affect vision. And if the glasses are not cleaned regularly, the perspiration and dirt on the frames will oxidize and damage the glasses, and the nose pads will turn yellow. But not every time there is time to wash the lenses by hand, some corners are not clean, how to do it? Have the same trouble as small series of people, don't worry, the following small series introduces a super-convenient cleaning product: a small household ultrasonic cleaning machine, let us know about it!

What is the difference between“Hand washing” and“Ultrasonic cleaning machine”? The gap between the nose rest and the jewelry can easily hide old dust. Sometimes the fingers can not get into such a small gap to scrub, resulting in some parts the clean, and some parts with dirt residue. Also, people with babies and toddlers may feel the same way. Children always touch what they see, put their fingers in their mouths, or rub their eyes after touching them, and the dust and dirt get into people's bodies. For busy parents, taking care of their children is tiring enough, and taking the time to wash the little things by hand is too much trouble! This time-consuming and laborious work will be done by the ultrasonic cleaning machine for you. Put the things to be washed in, and wait a few minutes, you can easily wash for yourself, washing effect is almost 100%, clean corner, crushed. In addition, the ultrasonic cleaning machine is not limited to cleaning glasses, it can also wash watches, glasses, Lego toys, small PCB circuit boards, glassware products, chemical fiber, household appliances, jewelry, coins, and so on!

The use of ultrasonic glasses cleaning machine is as follows:

1. Add room temperature water below the marked water level

2. Add a drop of neutral detergent for better results

3. Put the glasses in and press the switch

4. The default time for ultrasonic glasses cleaner is 5 minutes, but you can press the stop button ahead of time according to the degree of dirty glasses.

5. After cleaning with the ultrasonic lens cleaner, gently wipe the lens in the same direction

Points for attention in the use of ultrasonic glasses cleaning machine:

The ultrasonic glasses cleaning machine in operation will heat up, so it is not recommended that the cleaning time is too long, about 30 seconds to 1 minute.

2, ultrasonic glasses cleaning machine water to replace regularly, 4 ~ 5 pairs of glasses to replace once, and then re-join the detergent.

3. After cleaning the glasses with the ultrasonic cleaner, wipe them with a clean cloth.

4, when cleaning glasses, the lens should be upward, to prevent scratches.

Ultrasonic cleaning machines that can be carried with you, essential for glasses party