Knowledge | 2022-10-27

What is the effect of a small household ultrasound cleaning machine on cleaning glasses? Is it worth buying?


Glasses are very common in our daily life. Short-sighted glasses can let short-sighted people see the world more clearly. Sunglasses can help fashionistas create unique styles. But wearing glasses for a long time will always become less clear than at the beginning, and some stains are how to wipe off. So, how effective is the use of a small household ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning glasses?

The small ultrasonic cleaning machine adopts the ultrasonic cleaning method. Under the action of ultrasound, water will produce a large number of tiny bubbles. When the bubble into the glass crevices, will quickly burst and produce a strong impact, softening and peeling stains, to achieve an efficient cleaning effect. At the same time, it will not damage the items, especially suitable for long-term wear of glasses, because the frame will always have some glasses cloth every day we can not wipe off the stain.

The cleaning process is very simple. After the power supply is connected, open the lid, add water to the position of the scale line in the container, put in the items that need to be cleaned, and press the switch. Add a drop of detergent for better results. Using 40KHZ ultrasonic frequency can quickly remove the hidden stains in the cracks, after cleaning it into the water and gently shaking it, the naked eye effect is enough to show its strength.

The difference with using glasses cloth is that it can achieve 360 ° no dead angle cleaning. Just 60 seconds to easily wash away 98% of the bacteria and dirt, so that the glasses instantly restore factory-like brightness. Cleaning time by your control, running more than five minutes of an automatic power cut, to ensure safety. Usually, it only takes a minute to clean. It makes you feel like you're wearing new glasses every day. To ensure the cleanliness of glasses, but also reduce the chance of bacterial infection of the skin around the glasses. After cleaning, it is recommended to use the faucet rinse, and then use cloth or paper towels to dry. Please do not wipe, so as not to affect the cleaning effect. In addition to glasses, razors, jewelry, watches, pen tips, and other easy-to-accumulate stains in the gap of the items, can be put in cleaning, and taken out as new general.

Small ultrasonic cleaning machines are palm-sized and do not take up space in homes, schools, or offices. Streamlined design, delicate as the art on the desktop. High-quality ABS materials with spray paint coloring process, not susceptible to damp mildew. Blue Whale offers a variety of colors for you to choose from so that you can also enjoy a professional cleaning experience at home.

What is the effect of a small household ultrasound cleaning machine on cleaning glasses? Is it worth buying?