Knowledge | 2022-11-10

The characteristics and price of automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine and points for attention


An automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly used for auto parts, compressor parts, gears, and bearings before processing and assembly cleaning. It will replace traditional manual cleaning, cleaning, and oil cleaning, it has been widely used in electroplating, ion plating, auto parts, optics, clocks, chemical fiber, LCD, electronics, hardware, textiles, jewelry, and other industries. Automatic ultrasonic cleaning equipment, mainly includes an ultrasonic device, cleaning tank circulation tank, manipulator, conveying system, filter system, pipeline system, automatic temperature control heating device, automatic protection device of heating pipe, electric control system, chassis, and frame.

Features of automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine:

1, the metal work plating pretreatment cleaning special;

2, the final cleaning of finished metal parts before packaging is special;

3, equipped with high-efficiency ultrasonic cleaning, does not damage the surface of the workpiece;

4,100 no water damage, low running cost;

5, the operation cycle is short, the output is high;

6, equipped with spray and pure water washing tank;

7, equipped with automatic balance system drying slot PLC programming automatic control system.

There is no standard price for automatic ultrasonic cleaning equipment, but some customers still want to know how much. Typically one hundred thousand, because full automation means deploying a robotic arm, which is expensive. In addition, the cleaning line has many functional configurations, depending on what is being cleaned. If you wash glass, such as LCD panels, a very high degree of cleanliness requirements. Need a water purifier (customers can buy one) . In addition, the drying system requires multiple sets of filtration devices to prevent secondary pollution. And how many slots are needed, the size of the slot will affect the price.

The so-called Penny for a penny, automatic ultrasonic cleaning equipment is also the case. The real and fake materials will also affect the price to a large extent. Good materials are more expensive, but the price of used materials will be lower, but the quality can not be guaranteed, and late maintenance will have many problems. After all, it is still true, and cost-effective.

Points for attention in the use of automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine:

(1) the power supply of the automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine and the power supply of the electric heater must have a good grounding device.

(2) it is strictly forbidden to start the automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine when there is no water or solvent in the tank, which will cause air vibration and vibration head to be scrapped or damaged.

(3) do not open the heating switch when there is no liquid.

(4) it is forbidden to clean the bottom of the cylinder with heavy objects (iron pieces) so as not to damage the chip of the energy converter.

(5) the power supply of the ultrasonic generator should be 220V/50Hz and equipped with a 2000W above voltage regulator.

(6) regular cleaning of the bottom of the cylinder, not too much debris or dirt.

(7) do not put your finger in the sink when the washing machine is in operation, or you will feel a sharp pain or discomfort.

(8) each time when changing the fluid, only after the ultrasonic start can wash the parts.

(9) it is forbidden to use alcohol, gasoline, or any combustible gas as a cleaning agent in the washing machine to avoid causing a fire.

(10) the best method of ultrasonic cleaning effect, the best temperature of ultrasonic cleaning tank is 30 ~ 50 ° C, according to different cleaning objects to choose the right cleaning agent. Cleaning agents are generally divided into water-based (alkaline) cleaning agents, organic solvent cleaning agents, and chemical reaction cleaning agents. Water-based cleaning agents are usually used most, according to the degree of contamination of cleaning substances and dirt properties to choose different cleaning times.

The characteristics and price of automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine and points for attention