Knowledge | 2022-11-10

The advantages of automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine


The full-automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine is one kind of equipment that utilizes high-frequency vibration, and the cavitation action principle to carry on the cleaning of the object, its working principle is: the high-frequency signal sent by the transducer is transmitted to the power amplifier through the cable connection wire, the power amplifier then converts this signal into high-frequency mechanical oscillation and propagates to the medium (such as Air), numerous tiny bubbles are created in the medium and burst instantly.

The bursting of such small bubbles impinges on the surface or deep within the object, causing the dirt to be peeled off and crushed; when the sound pressure reaches a certain value, the calm state is restored. Because cavitation occurs in the frequency range of sound waves, the process is called“Ultrasound”. Ultrasonic cleaning technology is ordinary tap water through a special generator into tens of thousands of times per second high-frequency radio wave high-pressure water jet. It is a high-tech environmental protection technology that the high energy density, large diameter jet water to move at supersonic speed to remove the dirt on the surface of the parts to be cleaned quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly by a special equipment system. This technology has been widely used in the electronic industry, such as degassing and slag removal after semiconductor silicon wafer cutting, flux removal before welding, and the optical lens coating process.

Ultrasonic cleaning efficiency: the traditional industrial solvent-based detergent cleaning force is only 10 -6, but the use of ultrasonic cleaning rate can be increased to 10 -15 or more.

Water Conservation: because of the specific heat of water, the same quality of liquid evaporation at a certain temperature as the heat absorbed when boiling much more heat; Therefore, the same boiling time and distillation conditions obtained by the boiling point are different. In addition, when the content of calcium ions and magnesium ions in water is high, the scale is easy to form and deposit on the pipe wall to block up the pipe, which results in the decrease of heat transfer efficiency and even the failure of heat transfer. Ultrasonic cleaning can effectively prevent the occurrence of this phenomenon to improve efficiency and reduce production costs while extending the service life of products.

Long service life: the traditional production of precision parts in the assembly process is inevitably subject to cutting fluid corrosion damage or chemical corrosion pollution and other adverse factors resulting in low precision or scrap phenomenon.

The advantages of automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine