Knowledge | 2022-10-25

The advantages of vacuum hydrocarbon ultrasonic cleaning machine


A hydrocarbon cleaning machine should be the most environmentally friendly cleaning method to solvent for a hydrocarbon solvent, is a non-toxic and harmless environmental cleaning agent, no harm to the human body. The special vacuum system of hydrocarbon cleaner adopts an automatic condensate water recovery device to completely discharge the hydrocarbon solvent condensed in the high vacuum pipeline, which makes the workpiece completely dry after the vapor phase cleaning, reduces labor intensity, convenient control, smooth operation, convenient maintenance, sealing degree to high vacuum technical requirements, space-saving. The vacuum hydrocarbon cleaner takes advantage of the physical change of the liquid in the vacuum state to change some characteristics of the hydrocarbon cleaner and the cleaning object to bring the advantages of the hydrocarbon cleaner into full play.

1. Strong cleaning ability: to improve the cleaning effect, the vacuum cleaning dryer uses four technologies:

(1) high cleaning effect: the cleaning tank is equipped with an ultrasonic cleaning device. Due to the weak Sonication of the carbonated water-based cleaning solution, a vacuum system is installed in the tank to enhance the ultrasonic capability. The workpiece is cleaned in the vacuum (10Kpa-gas), the air bubble is discharged into the blind hole, and the cleaning fluid can enter the blind hole for cleaning. The gas in the cleaning solution degasses in the vacuum, enhancing the ultrasonic ability.

(2) vacuum cleaning. Under the vacuum condition, the air in the blind hole and the small gap of the workpiece is pumped out, so that the solution is completely immersed in all parts of the workpiece, and the cleaning is more thorough. The vacuum also degasses the solution, thus improving the ultrasonic efficiency.

(3) mechanical oscillation. The transmission mechanism makes the workpiece swing up and down in the cleaning trough so that the dirt and the workpiece can be separated more quickly.

(4) gas-phase cleaning. At the last step of cleaning, the workpiece is cleaned by solution steam so that the oil dissolved in the cleaning solution will not remain on the surface of the workpiece.

2. Fast drying speed: first, heat the workpiece with high-temperature steam in the drying tank, then make the drying tank quickly into the vacuum state, using the vacuum boiling effect to make the cleaning fluid on the surface of the workpiece rapidly volatilize.

3. Solvent regeneration uses: the vacuum cleaning dryer adopts a multi-stage vacuum distillation regeneration device so that the cleaning liquid with oil dissolved in the cleaning tank is continuously sucked into the distillation device, heating and evaporating in a vacuum, then condense to become the cleaning solvent back to the cleaning tank, cleaning fluid always keep clean. Oil residue in the bottom of the distillation unit, regular discharge.

4. Low solvent consumption: in the process of vacuum drying, the solvent gas is recovered by a condensation recovery device, so that the loss of the cleaning agent is less than 0. 04%.

5. High Safety: the vacuum cleaner drier adopts an explosion-proof motor, explosion-proof switch, heat-conducting oil indirect heating, flammable gas concentration alarm, automatic door closing, automatic power off and automatic fire extinguishing device, to make sure it is safe to use. Install solvent cooling, exhaust, pump, and motor with explosion protection in the tank and connect the Compressed air to the electrical control box and relay box to isolate them from the outside world.

Vacuum steam cleaning drying tank although the use of hydrogen carbide cleaning liquid steam, in the vacuum state oxygen concentration is reduced to ensure safety. The vacuum pump adopts a liquid-sealed vacuum pump with high safety. The mist and steam of the cleaning solution are recovered by gas-liquid separation and condensation during vacuum extraction, thereby reducing the concentration of waste gas. (lower limit of explosion concentration less than 25%) this machine is equipped with a carbon dioxide automatic fire extinguisher.

The advantages of vacuum hydrocarbon ultrasonic cleaning machine