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Introduction and process introduction of the main components of the pens and components


China is now one of the world's largest producers of ballpoint, neutral and colored pens. Due to the size of the manufacturers, the quality of the products should be further improved, should be produced on a variety of pen parts for cleaning, improve cleanliness. The ultrasonic cleaner can clean the main parts of the pen, such as the pen, the pen tongue, the pen nib, the pen cap, etc.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine mainly consists of the ultrasonic signal generator, transducer, and cleaning tank. The ultrasonic signal generator generates a high-frequency oscillating signal, which is converted by a transducer into tens of thousands of high-frequency mechanical oscillations per second, forming ultrasonic waves in the cleaning fluid (medium), this phenomenon is called the “Cavitation effect”, in which numerous tiny bubbles are continuously produced and burst in the cleaning solution, and the radiation propagates through the cleaning solution in a dense and alternating manner. Ultrasonic cavitation refers to the dynamic process of the growth and collapse of the gas nuclei (cavitation bubbles) in liquid under the action of sound waves when the sound pressure reaches a certain value, it is the process of cavitation bubble formation, growth, and violent collapse. When a container full of liquid is exposed to ultrasonic waves, tens of thousands of tiny bubbles, called cavitation bubbles, are produced due to the vibration of the liquid. These bubbles grow in the negative pressure region formed by ultrasonic longitudinal propagation and quickly close in the positive pressure region so that they are compressed and stretched under alternating positive and negative pressures. The bubble is compressed until the collapse of the moment, which will produce a huge instantaneous pressure, generally up to tens of MPA to 100 mph. The effective temperature of the gas-phase reaction zone is about 5200K, the effective temperature of the liquid-phase reaction zone is about 1900K, the local pressure is about 5.05 s, 10 kph, and the temperature variation rate is up to 10. K/s, accompanied by a strong shock wave and a 400 km/h micro-jet. This huge instantaneous pressure can be suspended in the liquid of the solid surface by rapid destruction.

Ultrasonic cleaning is widely used in the cleaning process because of its unique effect. Ultrasonic cleaning is a method to accelerate and strengthen the cleaning effect by introducing ultrasonic vibration into the cleaning solution. Ultrasonic cleaning has the advantages of high efficiency, high speed, and good cleaning quality. For the precision parts with complex geometry or strict cleaning quality, the best cleaning effect can be obtained by ultrasonic cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaning process and process for the main parts of pen-making:

The battle cry:

After processing, it is necessary to use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean, otherwise, it can not meet the requirements of production, and more than 90% alcohol should be used in the cleaning process, cleaning 2-3 times, put into the oven to dry, and then use a microscope to check the cleanliness of each one before it can be delivered to production.


A key component in fountain pens, due to the plastic parts, in the ultrasonic cleaning tank will float on the surface of the water, the whole tongue may not be clean, so must use stainless steel wire mesh processing & Middot; A basket, put the pen tongue in the basket, so that the pen tongue all immersed in the sink water, so that the pen tongue gap clean, according to the number of pen tongue to determine the number of cleaning time, put some cleaning fluid in the water, the temperature of the water is about 50 ° C,-can be taken out in about 20 minutes, and then rinsed in clean water, drying in the oven can meet the use requirements.


The fountain pen is also a major component, cleanliness also affects the quality of writing, it must be cleaned. Because the surfaces of the nibs have been polished and some of them have been plated with gold, when ultrasonic cleaning is used, because of the constant vibration of the liquid in the cleaning tank, the nibs will rub against each other, resulting in scratches on the surface of the Nibs, therefore, the NIB can not be put all together to clean, must be made of copper wire into a small hook, the nib-a good hook, the middle to maintain the gap, so that the nib in the cleaning tank cleaning when not touching each other, so that to ensure that after cleaning each-a nib to meet the cleaning requirements, and does not affect the surface of the bright.

Pen Cap:

The cleaning of the pen cap should be divided into two parts: before polishing and after polishing. If it is before polishing, the pen cap can be cleaned directly in the ultrasonic cleaning trough. If it is cleaned after polishing, must be made of stainless steel and can put a pen cap on the craft shelf, so that each pen cap in the cleaning process without touching each other, to achieve the best results after cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaning is mainly used for occasions with strict product quality requirements, especially in the production process of components and components, and after precision processing, complex geometric shape production, for the deep hole, small hole, bends hole, blind hole, groove, and other processing parts, when other cleaning methods can not get ideal results, the use of ultrasonic cleaning can often achieve the desired results. Ultrasonic cleaning machine in the pen industry in the main parts such as Grain, pen tongue, pen tip, and pen cap cleaning, to improve the cleanliness of pen parts has great benefits, it has played a great role in improving the overall quality of pen-making industry products.

Introduction and process introduction of the main components of the pens and components