Knowledge | 2022-12-06

Does operating an ultrasonic cleaning machine cause radiation to the human body?


Every electronic device in our days, such as light bulbs, routers, hair dryers, etc., will be more or less radiation to the human body, but the radiation to the human body is very small, and the ultrasonic cleaning machine is also very small. Unlike microwave ovens, it does not emit radiation to the human body.


We have used an ultrasonic cleaner, or as anyone we see knows when the ultrasonic cleaner is turned over, it makes a“Wet” sound, which is very uncomfortable. Its sound is produced by converting high-frequency ultrasound into mechanical kinetic energy. And then people ask, is there radiation in this ultrasonic cleaner? There is no need to worry about it. Let's comment on it in detail.


Ultrasonic transmission needs a medium, usually water, so we usually need to ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning tank to add water. The ultrasonic cleaning machine uses ultrasonic waves to operate high-frequency vibrations of water molecules. Energy is absorbed by water and does not cause any harm to the human body. The sound is made because it is not an ultrasound. The ultrasound can not be heard. It also needs to be explained in terms of how an ultrasonic cleaner works: when Sonication into a liquid, tens of thousands of bubbles develop in the liquid, and these bubbles burst in quick succession, creating the equivalent of a transient generator. The temperature of the ions is hundreds of Baidu, and the atmospheric pressure is thousands of degrees. This phenomenon is called the “Cavitation effect”.


Ultrasonic cleaning is to clean the dust and dirt inside and outside the clearance of the workpiece by using the shock wave produced by the bubble explosion in the liquid. Ultrasonic waves travel through the liquid, causing the liquid and the cleaning tank to vibrate together at ultrasonic frequencies. Both the liquid and the sink have their natural frequencies when they vibrate. When you use the ultrasonic machine, you will hear the vibration occur“Moist” sound. At first, you may not be used to it. You may feel uncomfortable, but it's a psychological effect. Don't worry it's harmless. The attenuation of ultrasonic waves in the air has little effect on the human body.


I have to say industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines harmful to the human body, that is the problem with the human body touch. Washing machine at work, if do not wear gloves, direct-touch work of the ultrasonic water tank in the water, there may be fine changes and will feel uncomfortable. Users should avoid placing their hands directly in the work tank. If you need to touch, please wear gloves to ensure safety. If you are still uncomfortable, advocate the use of an ultrasonic cleaning machine do not stay near the machine for a long time, and try to reduce the touch with the machine.

Does operating an ultrasonic cleaning machine cause radiation to the human body?