Knowledge | 2022-12-05

Common temperature control methods of ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers!


Ultrasonic cleaning machines generally have timing or heating functions. We have introduced several common timing configurations of p-series ultrasonic cleaning machines. Today we will introduce some more common heating configurations, hope that this article to let you a better understanding of the ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Numerical control panel heating

General Laboratory with the numerical control ultrasonic cleaning machine, with the heating function of the model, such as LANJ-P08, is the numerical control button heating. The numerical control area shows the current temperature, you can set the temperature value when the heating value is reached automatically stop heating. This kind of heating is generally heated with a silica gel plate.

2, temperature control instrument heating

Separate ultrasonic cleaning machine according to the use of useful temperature control instrument heating, use as follows: press the heating switch, temperature control instrument will show the temperature and control temperature. The above shows the measurement temperature, the below shows the control temperature, when the measurement temperature is lower than the control temperature, the out light on the temperature controller, the heating indicator light, the device is in the heating state; When the measuring temperature is higher than the control temperature, the out lamp on the temperature controller goes out, the heating indicator goes out, and the equipment stops heating. Control temperature setting method: according to the dial key set control temperature, such as 058, control temperature of 58 degrees. This is generally heated by heating pipes.

3. Mechanical Temperature Control

Common table-top ultrasonic cleaning machines generally with mechanical temperature control, that is, knob adjustment temperature, such as LANJ-P10 table-top ultrasonic cleaning machine, a temperature adjustment range of -80 degrees.

Common temperature control methods of ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers!