Knowledge | 2022-12-05

What do we need to pay attention to avoid the damage caused by the ultrasonic cleaning machine?


Using an ultrasonic cleaner, take a look at the product you are cleaning, and then use what lotion to determine the ultrasonic frequency you are using. Suppose that your ultrasonic cleaning machine has several tank bodies, there are heating to dry or slow pull these, to consider more factors, temperature, washing solution concentration, and cleaning time.

For general mechanical equipment, 28KHZ degreasing wax for hardware, 40K for optical lenses, 100K for laboratory research, and 1MHZ or more for LCD List of semiconductor materials. Now the general manufacturers of ultrasonic cleaning machines can adjust the output power, in the consideration of cleaning regulations and cleaning time, and can choose the appropriate output power.

Dewaxing oil generally uses an alkaline cleaning solution, temperature control at 75 degrees or less appropriate, such as the required efficiency and cleaning quality, some solvents can provide options. The lower the frequency of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, the easier the cavitation on the liquid, and the better the effect; high frequency and ultrasonic specificity, are suitable for the cleaning of small objects.

The bigger the ultrasonic power is, the stronger the cavitation effect is, and the faster the cleaning speed is, the better the actual effect is. For products with smooth surfaces and high precision, cleaning with a long time and high power will produce a cavitation effect on the surface.

Choose ultrasonic cleaning, generally, there are two types of detergents, respectively, chemical organic solvents and water-based detergents. The oxidation of cleaning materials, coupled with the physical effects of ultrasonic cleaning, the effect of the two closely combined to fully and reasonably clean objects. In general, 30 ° C-40 ° C ultrasonic erosion is very good. Detergent is the higher the temperature, the more obvious the effect. The temperature of ultrasonic cleaning is 40 ° C-60 ° C.

What do we need to pay attention to avoid the damage caused by the ultrasonic cleaning machine?