Knowledge | 2022-03-10

6 steps to remove oil from your parts with an ultrasonic cleaner


We are familiar with the ultrasonic cleaning machine. Since the ultrasonic cleaning machine has entered civil engineering, ultrasonic cleaning has entered all walks of life. Do you know how the ultrasonic cleaning machine removes oil?

6 steps to remove oil:

1. Put the water into the ultrasonic cleaning machine. The proportion of water and workpieces can be controlled at 2/3 or 4/5.

2. Set the heating temperature, typically set at 50 ~ 65 °, then start heating, the heating time is generally around 30 minutes.

3. Add an appropriate amount of oil cleaner.

4. When the temperature reaches the set target, the workpiece is placed in an ultrasonic cleaning machine. Pay attention to the moisture above the workpiece.

5. Waiting for cleaning finished, generally ten minutes.

6. After cleaning, the workpiece can be removed. After taking it out, make sure the cleaning tank is cleaned.

The above is the detailed step of using an ultrasonic cleaning machine. You must have enough understanding of the ultrasonic cleaning machine before using an ultrasonic cleaning machine. And read the product manual carefully to avoid unnecessary damage.

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