Knowledge | 2022-03-09

Which types of jewelry can be washed with an ultrasonic cleaning machine?


As we all know, with the development of science and technology, ultrasonic cleaning machine enters the civilian market. Professional ultrasound cleaning can replace the traditional cleaning mode of many industries, such as the jewelry industry. But do you know that you can not clean all jewelry with ultrasonic cleaning machines? So, which jewelry can be cleaned, what can't?

Jewelry can't be cleaned with an ultrasound cleaning machine:

1. Mossed jewelry cannot be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaning machine. To prevent gems on jewelry from falling off.

2. Organic gemstones such as opal, turquoise, Emerald, etc. Because their hardness is too low and they are fragile.

3. Cat eye, pearl, jade, Tanzan Blackstone, Peacock, emerald, Green Gold, and Coral. Because their hardness is too low and they are fragile.

4. Severe gems of pearl jewelry, jade, and cracks cannot be cleaned with ultrasound.

Jewelry can be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaning machine:

1. Gem: mainly refers to color gems, ruby, sapphire, tourmaline, emerald, garnet, etc. Due to the hardness of various gems, high hardness can be cleaned with the ultrasonic cleaning machine. The low hardness gem can not be cleaned with ultrasonic cleaning devices such as emerald.

2. Gold and silver: Mainly refers to gold, 18K gold, silver, platinum, etc. The gold and silver jewelry lost gloss because of the long-term wear or improperly, these are normal. You can clean it with a professional ultrasound jewelry machine. Metal jewelry not worn for a long time can be placed in a closed pocket after cleaning. Prevent oxidation from turning black.

3. Jade: Mainly refers to jade, Hetian jade, jade marrow, etc. Jade maintenance is often worn. The human naturally secreted oil can form a jade maintenance effect. It will make jade look more and more bright. Jade jewelry can be cleaned with warm water and brush jewelry with a soft brush. It should not be placed in an ultrasonic cleaning machine.

4. Diamond: Mainly refers to ordinary white diamonds, yellow diamonds, drills, etc. When cleaning the micro-inlaid and boundless diamond jewelry, the diamond can be removed. And then put it in the ultrasonic cleaning machine. Ordinary Tiffany Setting can be placed directly into ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning.

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