Knowledge | 2022-03-11

The difference between ultrasonic cleaning machine and electrolytic cleaning machine


What is the difference between ultrasonic cleaning and electrolysis cleaning? With the development of industrial cleaning technology, there are more and more cleaning products in different fields. The new type of cleaning process is getting more and more. Here we mainly introduce what is the difference between ultrasonic cleaning and electrolysis cleaning that you often hear.

Electrolytic ultrasonic cleaning machine

First, the principal difference

Ultrasonic cleaning is to propagates a cavitation effect through ultrasonic waves in the medium. The purpose of the cleaning workpiece is achieved by high-voltage shock waves generated by cavitation. Electrolytic cleaning relies on electrode polarization and mechanical agitation and peeling effects of the electrode precipitation gas.

Second, the media difference

Ultrasonic cleaning machines mainly choose the cleaning agent according to the cleaning workpiece and its surface. Electrolytic cleaning requires a special electrolytic cleaning agent as a medium.

Third, the application difference

Ultrasonic cleaning can be used in any workpiece made of metal, plastic, ceramic or glass, or the like. Electrolytic cleaning is generally suitable for steel parts and non-ferrous metal parts such as aluminum, zinc, tin, lead, copper, and alloys.

The above is the distinction of blue whales on ultrasonic cleaning and electrolysis cleaning. Blue Whale is offering different types and cost-effective ultrasonic cleaning machines to meet different user needs. Please consult the sales team if you want to know more.

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