Mould waterway cleaning machine

Custom Ultrasonic Cleaner

Product Features:

1. Utilizing the patented technology of water vapor mixture, using the method of physical pulse blasting and repeatedly washing the model to achieve the effect of descaling and derusting.  2.Independent double water tank design, enhance the filtration system, enhance the cleaning effect.

3. PLC touch screen operation, one-button start, easy to operate.

4. Connect the water pipe, supply the clean water automatically, change the direction of flushing automatically, record the flow automatically.

5. do not need to remove the mold, directly on the mold pipeline cleaning, but also directly in the injection molding machine on the mold cleaning.

6. the cleaning time is short, the cleaning efficiency is high, the cleaning effect is strong, saves the time, enhances the production efficiency.

7. The cooling flow rate increases, the heat transfer efficiency is stable and the cooling efficiency is improved. 8, shorten the molding cycle, improve product yield and enterprise production efficiency.

This product support non-standard custom, can provide design drawings and cleaning program.

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Product Details:

The high-speed and high-pressure water vapor mixing technology is adopted in the mold waterway cleaning machine.

The high-speed water flow is mixed with high-speed Compressed air, and the different frequencies of physical pressure pulse are automatically controlled according to the actual working conditions, therefore, the impact on the inner wall of the mould and other small-sized waterway system is produced, and the air explosion is formed.

By repeatedly washing and shaking the inner wall of the pipeline in both positive and negative directions, the scale and rust on the pipeline wall can be separated, and the pipe adhesion and other impurities can be removed at the same time, complete the cleaning of the water system. Why clean the mold waterway system? When the thickness of scale, rust and silt on the pipe wall reaches 0.3 mm, the power of cooling equipment will be increased by 20% to complete the original work.

The production of scale, Rust and sludge leads to the instability of pressure in the system, the bad effect of water cooling and the prolonged molding cycle, which leads to the decrease of output, quality and cost.


Blue whale mold water cleaning machine is a circulatory system, high-voltage system, electrolytic circuit system, special electrolyte cleaning fluid and high-quality antirust composition, it is specially used to solve the problems of pipe thinning and poor heat conduction caused by scale, rust and oil pollution in the mould waterway and other pipelines.

Applicable to all sizes of waterway mold cleaning work, according to different industries customized equipment.

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