Metal belt ultrasonic cleaner

Custom Ultrasonic Cleaner

Product Features:

1, Use an external ultrasonic generator and advanced microcomputer control technology, and a new circuit design concept. A new generation of multi-functional ultrasonic cleaning machine power supply performance stability, higher reliability.

2, Use an industrial-grade ultrasonic vibrator and high-quality Korean chip ultrasonic vibration head. All vibration heads were strictly tested. Vibration head performance is more stable, has higher reliability, high conversion rate, strong performance.

3, Use high-quality casters and anti-static brake casters. It is easy to move. It is safe and durable and strong load-bearing.

4, Use 304/316 stainless steel valves, corrosion-resistant rust-free, large displacement.

5, Use cast aluminum heating plate, easy to install, durable, high security.

6. Cleaning pressure can be selected according to the different needs of the workpiece 0.3-1.5 Mpa.

7, The nozzle inside the cleaning chamber can be arranged up and down, left and right, side and fixed-point according to the demand. It can ensure that there is no dead angle in the cleaning.

 8, There are various options for cleaning. It is including ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic rinsing, spray cleaning, Compressed air cutting water, hot air drying, and other processes.

9. The equipment can be equipped with a real-time circulating filtration system, which greatly improves the liquid utilization efficiency.

10. Wide application range of equipment, low labor intensity.
This product support non-standard custom, can provide design drawings and cleaning program

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Product Details:

The machine is composed of ultrasonic cleaning trough + ultrasonic rinsing trough + drying trough, functional cleaning trough (with trough-type rotating guide wheel). The machine is provided with a plurality of auxiliary devices such as bottom vibration ultrasonic system, filtering circulation system, etc. The machine can work automatically. In an ultrasonic solvent bath, the strong penetration force of ultrasonic waves is used to impact the surface of the workpiece and combine with the ability of oil removal by the solvent. So the oil stains tightly attached to the surface of the workpiece are quickly detached, thereby achieving the purpose of cleaning.


The belt ultrasonic cleaning machine is installed at the outlet of the stamping equipment. The belt products need to be placed well. Each guide roller installed by hand is connected to the user’s material receiving system, and a transparent sealing cover is put on the cover to open the stamping equipment. The receiving machine starts to run to receive the material (pressing speed and receiving speed should match well). The stamping parts of the continuous material belt are fed into each working procedure section in turn. The cleaning, rinsing, and cutting of the workpieces are carried out through the receiving transmission, and the material belt is automatically wound on the material plate to complete the whole cleaning process. The cleaning part of the whole machine is a closed structure, equipped with a detachable inspection door, equipped with power distribution equipment which is an independent electric control cabinet.


Cleaning process: automatic feeding- Ultrasonic rough cleaning-ultrasonic rinsing-liquid cutting drying-automatic feeding

Mainly used in machinery, electronics, jewelry, optics, medicine, painting, steam and vacuum coating pre-treatment, and other related categories.
For the surface shape of complex parts, such as the parts above the groove, slit, blind hole, deep hole cleaning has an efficient and rapid cleaning role. At the same time, the utility model can clean the oil, rust, and oxide on the surface of the parts, and realize one-stop processing of cleaning, spraying, and drying.


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