Mixing type ultrasonic cleaning machine

Custom Ultrasonic Cleaner

Product Features:

1. Ultrasonic transducer has high vibration speed and is fixed directly on the bottom of the cleaning tank through bolts. So that the strength is greatly improved. Compared with a magnetostrictive vibrator, the energy efficiency is increased by more than 50%.

2. Ultrasonic generator is the latest exciting circuit, frequency automatic tracking, so it can work stably and reliably. An automatic ultrasonic sweep system automatically tracks the optimum working frequency of the transducer. So as to keep the ultrasonic vibration in the optimum working state, optimum output power condition. With high power module control, the output power is strong.

3. Through program control and AC contactor, relay, and other control components, drive the transmission motor to realize automatic transmission hanger and hanging, decoupling. Adopt chain form, running balance, reliable, high efficiency, reduce labor intensity, realize cleaning automation.

4, The loading and unloading table adopts a raceway, equipped with a photoelectric induction device. It can directly send the cleaning blue to the loading position manually, open the button, photoelectric detection.The automatic operation of the equipment will transfer the cleaning blue to each working position of the equipment.

This product support non-standard custom, can provide design drawings and cleaning program

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Product Details:
Blue whale stirring type ultrasonic cleaning machine is a high-power ultrasonic mixer and cleaner. It can use the ultrasonic crushing insoluble solid (or liquid) physical mechanism.

It is generally believed that it is ultrasonic cavitation effect. The ultrasonic cavitation effect is that a large number of bubbles will be formed in the liquid. And small bubbles will grow and increase gradually with the ultrasonic vibration. And then burst and split suddenly under the Sonication. After the split, the bubbles continue to grow and burst.

When these small bubbles collapse rapidly, high temperature and high pressure are generated in the bubble, and as the liquid around the bubble rushes into the bubble at high speed, strong local shock waves are generated in the liquid near the bubble, and local high temperature and high pressure are also formed, therefore, ultrasonic pulverization and emulsification are produce


Blue whale agitating ultrasonic cleaning machine, mainly used in machinery, electronics, jewelry, optics, medicine, coating, steam and vacuum coating pre-treatment, and other related categories. For the surface shape of complex parts, such as the parts above the groove, slit, blind hole, deep hole cleaning has an efficient and rapid cleaning role. At the same time, the utility model can clean the oil, rust, and oxide on the surface of the parts, and realize one-stop processing of cleaning, rinsing, and stirring.

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