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Custom Ultrasonic Cleaner

Product Features:

1、it exciting circuit board, performance temperature, strong cavitation energy..

2、thicken to 2.0 mm stainless steel seamless welding inner groove, wear resistance acid and alkali resistance.

3、the installation of leakage switch, more safety and security.

4、the use of all stainless steel manufacturing tank, acid and alkali resistance, the shape of the atmosphere, strong and durable.

5、the use of new ultrasonic generator and transducer, ultrasonic output more powerful, more thorough cleaning.

This product support non-standard custom, can provide design drawings and cleaning program.

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Product Details:

Ultrasonic cleaning is that the transducer converts the electric energy provided by the ultrasonic power supply into ultrasonic frequency mechanical vibration, and radiates sound waves to the cleaning liquid contained in the tank through the cleaning tank wall, when the sound pressure reaches a certain value, the micro-bubble (cavitation core) in the liquid vibrates under the action of sound field. When the sound pressure reaches a certain value, the bubble grows rapidly, then suddenly closes, and a shock wave is produced when the bubble closes, it creates thousands of atmospheres of pressure around it, destroying the insoluble dirt, which disperses it in the cleaning fluid. Where liquid is immersed and cavitation is generated, it is used for cleaning, not limited by the complex shape of the surface of the parts to be cleaned, such as holes, grooves, slits and deep holes on the surface of precision parts, micro holes can be cleaned, these parts of the general cleaning method can not be cleaned. Ultrasonic cleaning is the best choice to improve the cleaning efficiency.

Ultrasonic cleaners are used to clean many different types of objects, includes jewelry, scientific samples, lenses and other optical parts, watches, dental and surgical instruments, tools, coins, pens, golf clubs, fishing line wheels, shutters, car injectors, musical instruments, gramophone records, industrial machinery parts and electronic equipment. They are used by many jewelry studios, watchmakers, electronics repair shops and science laboratories.


Blue whale bubble ultrasonic cleaning machine, mainly used in machinery, electronics, jewelry, optics, medicine, coating, steam and vacuum coating pre-treatment and other related categories. For the surface shape of complex parts, such as the parts above the groove, slit, blind hole, deep hole cleaning has an efficient and rapid cleaning role. At the same time, the utility model can clean the oil, rust and oxide on the surface of the parts, and realize one-stop processing of cleaning, rinsing and stirring.

Before Purchase:

1、Determine the model
You can choose model through consultation. You can also understand the specifications and parameters and choose the model through the website. Our company can customize according to customer requirements. Welcome to the factory for inspection.

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3、Sign the contract
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Payment will be made in accordance with the terms of the contract. Timely delivery will be arranged after payment.

When you receoved the machine, please check whether the outer packaging and goods are damaged. Also check the product model and quantity, as well as accessories. If the above happens, please take photos and contact with the sales staff.

6、After-sales service
1. Provide door-to-door installation and commissioning, technical personnel free guidance training;
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