Gas phase refrigeration ultrasonic cleaning machine

Custom Ultrasonic Cleaner

Product Features:

1, the whole machine structure: using high quality SUS304/316 plate stainless steel welding composition. The welding is firm and beautiful; no water leakage, the welding place is polished.

2, Transducer: imported piezoelectric ceramic chip, can adapt to different temperatures for a long time work; imported bonding technology, to ensure that the transducer long time work will not fall off.

3, ultrasonic generator: adopt the International Leading Technology, adopt IGBT module, SCM technology, stable working condition, bigger and stronger output power, have over-voltage, over-current, output short circuit and other protective measures.

4, electrical system: the use of PLC Human Interface Touch control technology, all levels of independent circuit, can be independently controlled by various parameters of the slot.

5. Freezing system: this kind of machine adopts two-stage freezing system, the first layer is the freezing zone, connected with the freezing system. Another layer for the cold water frozen zone, access to cold water frozen. Equipped with chiller and Chiller 1 set each, multi-stage working trough sharing a set of refrigeration system.

6, circulation filter system: by the stainless steel filter pump, overflow circulation device, storage tank and other components, stainless steel filter pump “South”brand, storage tank using SUS304/316 stainless steel welded. Automatic heating and constant temperature system: the cleaning tank adopts wall heating mode, the heating power depends on the size of the tank and the organic solvents used, and equipped with a temperature controller, can control the temperature at any time.

This product support non-standard custom, can provide design drawings and cleaning program.

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Product Details:
Blue whale gas cooled ultrasonic cleaner, the cleaning machine is mainly composed of ultrasonic generator, transducer, coarse washing tank, distillation recovery tank, circulation filter system, automatic temperature control heating system, oil-water separator, refrigeration system, frame, control panel and control system.

A blue whale gas-cooled ultrasonic cleaning machine, in which the workpiece to be cleaned is placed in a specific cleaning basket and transported to an ultrasonic cleaning tank containing organic solvents, in the cleaning tank through a strong ultrasonic cavitation, so that the workpiece to be cleaned in a short time to clean (according to the requirements of product cleaning, appropriate increase this process to ensure that the cleaning cleanliness to a certain standard) ; The workpiece is then placed in the steam area of the cleaning machine. When the workpiece touches the steam, condensation is produced on the surface of the workpiece and interacts with the dirt on the surface of the workpiece, the workpiece is then moved to the upper frozen area and freeze-dried.

Blue whale gas refrigeration ultrasonic cleaning machine, mainly used in machinery, electronics, jewelry, optics, medicine, coating, steam and vacuum coating pre-treatment and other related categories.

For the surface shape of complex parts, such as the parts above the groove, slit, blind hole, deep hole cleaning has an efficient and rapid cleaning role. At the same time, the utility model can clean the oil, rust and oxide on the surface of the parts, and realize one-stop processing of ultrasonic cleaning, steam bath washing, freeze-drying and distillation recovery.

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