Knowledge | 2022-09-24

What technology does the ultrasonic cleaning machine contain?


Many people's ultrasonic cleaning machine contains what technology? The quality of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is decided by the technology of the ultrasonic cleaning machine. The purchasing standard of advanced technology and raw material is the solid and necessary foundation to create high-end products. The song ultrasonic cleaning machine contains fine material, a unique craft, and a multi-level, widespread humanization design.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine transducer working principle: song ultrasonic cleaning machine sensor is imported international industrial vibration head, sensor performance is stable, ring energy rate is strong, the ultrasonic cleaning process is the use of high-frequency ultrasound, through the sensor into high-frequency function, and then act on the liquid medium in the cleaning tank, so that the liquid cavitation, continuous formation of micro-bubbles, rapid blasting, the surface of the object produced strong impact stains, make besmirch damage, emulsify, Peel off until besmirch is separated, achieve cleaning effect thereby. The ultrasonic cleaning machine solves the problems of complex appearance design, deep hole, blind hole, and clearance workpiece cleaning, and has a deep cleaning effect. The sensor of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is the core of ultrasonic technology.

Song can ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning tank production process: ultrasonic cleaning machine liner made of materials SUS304 stainless steel, with anti-corrosion, anti-rust, high-temperature, and other high-quality performance, using one-time stamping molding, it is the center of ultrasonic cleaning machine including technology, no welding, no gap, no leakage, safety guarantee, inner liner thickened 2.1 mm, not easy to deformation, collapse, perforation, the durable, service life of 5-10 years. Ultrasonic cleaning machine body production process: ultrasonic cleaning machine body parts connected by advanced argon welding technology, including pouring, polishing, polishing, embossing, sealing five procedures, each process has strict control, original, high quality, real materials, no doubt.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine operation panel high-tech: ultrasonic cleaning machine operation panel layer by layer forging improvement innovation, not only set up research and development team but also committed to research and development of ultrasonic cleaning machine circuit board, in response to the characteristics of the new era, constantly increase more human-oriented design, vigorously promote the ultrasonic cleaning machine's comprehensive practicality and cost performance, to achieve value for money, useful. Song ultrasonic cleaning machine with intelligent digital button control design, respectively, time, temperature, power free control, filter cycle ultrasonic cleaning machine also has a filter cycle system device, equipped with drying function, it is difficult to dry naturally or even to wipe by hand. It can not completely dry and clean the object in a short time. It can be used immediately without waiting.

The above ultrasonic cleaning machine contains some of the process technology, is some of the main process technology. Through these technologies and technologies, it is not difficult to see the development of science and technology under the powerful changes in people's lives and production. The artificial age is emancipating constantly, the intelligent automatic mechanical age is coming to us gradually.

What technology does the ultrasonic cleaning machine contain?