Knowledge | 2022-04-12

What should you pay attention to when you buy an ultrasonic cleaning machine?


Ultrasonic cleaning equipment is a widely used cleaning equipment at present. An ultrasonic cleaning machine is faster than the traditional cleaning method. It can clean better without damaging the product. There are many manufacturers of ultrasonic cleaning machines. What problems should we pay attention to when we buy an ultrasonic cleaning machine?

1. Ultrasonic cleaning technology: choose a reasonable ultrasonic cleaning equipment technology according to the characteristics of the workpiece and pollution conditions. You can consult the relevant personnel to provide you with advice in this regard. Or ask the manufacturer to provide you with process experiments to improve the cleaning process. The selection of the cleaning process is an important part of producing equipment. Be sure to choose the right process. Otherwise, it will affect the long-term cleaning effect in the future.

2. Selection of manual or semi-automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine or the automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine

Manual ultrasonic cleaning machines are generally suitable for simple steps and small amounts of cleaning. The semi-automatic fit is cleaned or a large amount of cleaning. It can reduce labor and improve cleaning efficiency. Fully automatic is suitable for large quantities of cleaning. Its cleaning is stable, the effect is good, but the cost of equipment is high. Another one is to consider the user needs to be considered according to the factors such as its budget.

3. Selection of ultrasonic cleaning machine power and frequency

The strength of the power is a direct decision factor for the cleaning effect of the workpiece. The power depends on the structure of the parts and how you place the part in the tank. And this will decide the ultrasonic radiation distribution method.  This can calculate the size of the ultrasonic power required for the transmitting surface. The calculations of ultrasonic power are using international standards. Generally, the cleaning frequency of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is 28kHz and 40kHz. High frequencies are selected for the high precision part which does not allow damage to the surface of the workpiece.

4. Capacity of ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning:

The size of the tank is based on quantity, structure, and cleaning time of parts. So that is how many parts you need to clean at one time.  The space of parts you need to clean at one time will decide the size of the tank.

5. Cleaning agent of ultrasonic cleaning machine:

The cleaning agent is consumable for long-term use of the equipment. The cleaning agent is divided into organic solvent classes and water-based cleaning agents. According to the different formulations, there are thousands of pieces of cleaning agents. Each cleaning agent was selected according to the material, characteristics, dirt conditions, etc. of the cleaning workpiece. The general principle is to clean the dirt quickly and thoroughly, but not Destroy the appearance of the workpiece.

How to choose an ultrasonic cleaning machine?

1. Check what kind of cleaning method is suitable for your parts and what cleaning result you need to get.

2. Consider the daily cleaning amount of your company. This can let you choose the power and capacity of the machine.

3. Cleaning process requirements: you can discuss the cleaning process with the factories of ultrasonic cleaning machines.

4. Choose some professional ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers to compare prices, equipment technology, and after-sales guarantees.

What should you pay attention to when you buy an ultrasonic cleaning machine?