Knowledge | 2022-06-24

What cleaning device does the ultrasonic cleaning machine have


The ultrasonic cleaning device consists of an ultrasonic transducer, a cleaning tank, and a loudspeaker. In addition, some are equipped with a cleaning fluid circulating device (heater, etc.). The Ultrasonic transducer is a key component of the ultrasonic cleaning device, which is used to convert electrical vibration into elastic mechanical vibration (ultrasonic vibration).

There are two kinds of transducers in common use: magnetostrictive transducer and piezoelectric transducer according to their working principle. The operating frequency is divided into a high-frequency transducer (generally operating frequency in a few hundred kHz) and a low-frequency transducer (generally operating in a few tens of kHz). To go to the high conversion efficiency, the transducer operates at its natural resonant frequency. The ultrasonic cleaning tank is similar to a container, containing cleaning fluid and washed parts.

In general, the transducer directly connected (bonding or welding) in the lower part of the cleaning tank should be cleaning tank as an ultrasonic vibration radiation plate. To make it have better corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, and acoustic conductivity performance, a cleaning tank or ultrasonic vibration radiation plate is made of stainless steel.

The ultrasonic generator is the power source of the transducer. There are four common types: electronic tube type, transistor type, transistor type, and high-frequency motor. The silicon-controlled tubular ultrasonic generator has attracted much attention because of its small size, high efficiency, and simple operation.

What cleaning device does the ultrasonic cleaning machine have