Knowledge | 2022-06-22

Application example of ultrasonic water bath


Ultrasonic cleaning machine has been widely used in metal surface treatment, they can greatly improve product quality, improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, and reduce environmental pollution. It is also widely used in the field of electronics and the chemical industry.

Auto frame factory: used for deoiling, Rust removal, and phosphating before painting automobile chassis.

Automobile wheel factory: used for pre-treatment before electrostatic spraying and electrophoresis.

Internal combustion engine parts factory: for cleaning piston parts.

Electroplating company: to the lock before electroplating oil.

Lamp factory: Used to clean the decorative lamp outer hoop before electroplating.

Metal Products Company: degumming the stainless steel plate before ion plating.

Polyester filament factory: cleaning filter core, spinneret.

Metallurgical Center: Clean the rust and scale of the hot-rolled plate, then cold-rolled into the strip.

Solar energy company: cleaning glass pipe.

Electrical Company: Used for circuit board dust removal, and flux removal.

Stainless steel products company: stainless steel plate oil, glue, except polishing paste.

Chiller factory: cleaning chiller shell and spare parts.

Oil pump oil nozzle factory: the parts of the oil, except grinding paste processing.

Digital Photo Paper Company: defoamer the liquid medicine before coating.

Special metal fiber factory: all kinds of metal fiber wire (stainless steel wire, nickel wire, copper wire, etc.) for oil decontamination.