Knowledge | 2022-07-18

What brand of dental ultrasonic cleaner is good?


In recent years, dental ultrasonic cleaners are gradually replacing handmade cleaning and mechanical cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning has become the best way to clean the dental device. The dental device is polluted by oral mucus, saliva, and blood after use. Ultrasonic cleaning has a good effect. A dental ultrasonic cleaner is a clean cleaning equipment that is quickly clean and can achieve high cleanliness. As dental ultrasonic cleaning machines are becoming more and more popular with medical institutions, there are more and more quality dental ultrasonic cleaners on the market. Many consumers have such doubts in the face of a variety of cleaning machines. Which brand is trustworthy, and what brand of dental ultrasonic cleaner is good?

What brand of dental ultrasonic cleaner is good, the first choice depends on its function. The turnover rate and use rate of dental instruments are very high, choosing the appropriate ultrasonic cleaning machine is the key to ensuring the cleaning effect, and is one of the important links to preventing cross-infection. Blue whale laboratory medical ultrasonic cleaning machine series is the blue whale to launch the main cleaning of medical equipment, laboratory glassware cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning working hours 0-99 hours adjustable, the utility model is suitable for long-time cleaning, and adopts self-developed transducer and chip, which has strong ultrasonic power, high conversion rate, and excellent cleaning effect, and can meet the cleaning requirements of high cleanliness of dental instruments.

In terms of appearance and material, what brand of dental ultrasonic cleaner is good? The answer is of course blue whale. In terms of appearance, the blue whale ultrasonic cleaning machine uses black titanium stainless steel, which is acid-resistant and anti-fingerprint treatment, which can reduce fingerprints caused by the contact of the fingers, which is more beautiful. The inner tendon uses 304 stainless steel stamping and forming, high waterproof performance. A variety of capacities is available. There is always one suitable for you. Users can choose the appropriate dental ultrasonic cleaning machine based on the amount of cleaning and the size of the equipment.

What brand of dental ultrasonic cleaner is good? Brand strength is important. If you want to choose a high-quality dental ultrasonic cleaner, you must choose a reliable and powerful brand, and the blue whale established in 2005 is a good choice. As a well-known domestic ultrasonic cleaning machine brand, innovative research and development, precision quality, and is committed to creating the benchmark of the ultrasonic cleaning industry. Whether it is brand strength or the quality, function, and price of the product itself, the blue whale brand is the best choice.

What brand of dental ultrasonic cleaner is good?