Knowledge | 2022-07-19

Solution of the ultrasonic switch to moisture and fever


The transducer is the heart of the ultrasonic cleaning machine. If there is a problem, the machine will not work properly. More commonly, the transducer is dampened and heated. Here's how to fix both. Ultrasonic cleaning machine transducer moisture treatment method:

1. Use Megohm Meter to check the plug connected to the transducer, and check the insulation resistance between the positive and negative electrodes of the transducer to determine.

2. observation. The transducer of a general ultrasonic cleaning machine requires insulation resistance greater than 30 Megohm. If this insulation resistance value is not reached, the sensor is likely to become damp.

3. When a fault is detected, we can sequence it. The repairing method is to put the whole transducer (not including the plastic-sprayed shell) into the oven and set it at about 100 °C.

4. The time setting of this oven is also very strict. It can't be too long or too short. Three hours is usually enough. If you don't want to use this method, you can also choose to use a hair dryer.

Heat problem of the transducer of ultrasonic cleaning machine: the transducer of an ultrasonic cleaning machine is a key part of the cleaning machine, and its quality directly affects the cleaning effect. The front cover of the transducer of the ultrasonic cleaning machine adopts a horn shape. According to the design requirements, the transducer should have a wide frequency band.

General cleaning needs continuous work, and the use of the transducer heating problem is more serious. When high power works, must use forced air cooling. High-power ultrasonic cleaning machines usually need multiple transducers to work at the same time, so it is necessary to pay special attention when installing and fixing them because their distribution directly affects the sound field distribution in the slot and the load characteristics of the generator. In the wrong place, cleaning can be extremely poor, sometimes resulting in unnecessary vibration and power consumption. How to install depends on the structure of the tank body, the number of transducers, and other factors. Because of the long working time of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, the problem of fever is very prominent.

The following aspects should be considered:

1, the radiator should be selected properly, and if necessary, should be added air-cooled.

2. The absorption of R and C at both ends of the FET must be suitable, otherwise, the heat problem of the FET is still serious.

3, drive circuit ultrasonic cleaning fet drive waveform to be steeper, such as increasing the drive output power, reduce gate resistance.

4. The output frequency of the ultrasonic cleaning machine directly affects the load characteristic and the on-off state of the power tube. If the frequency is not appropriate, the FET will generate extremely serious heat.

Solution of the ultrasonic switch to moisture and fever