Knowledge | 2022-07-18

Analysis of small ultrasonic cleaning machine


The internal structure of a small ultrasonic cleaning machine:

1, cleaning tank: holding the workpiece to be washed, made of stainless steel, can be installed heating and temperature control device. And in general, the bottom of the sink is an Ultrasonic transducer.

2, the most important part of the transducer, if the technology is not home, or the transducer and the bottom of the liner are not glued, which will lead to the ultrasonic cleaning machine gaining power instability, directly affect the cleaning effect, in severe cases, the transducer will come off and your machine will be scrapped. Transducers can convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, piezoelectric ceramic transducers, frequency, and power depending on the specific model.

3, power supply: for the transducer to provide the required power, inverter power, imported IGBT components, and the installation of over-current protection lines. After the transducer converts the high-frequency electrical energy into mechanical energy, it will produce a very small amplitude high-frequency vibration and spread to the solution in the cleaning tank, under the action of the transducer, the interior of the cleaning fluid will constantly produce a large number of tiny bubbles and burst instantly, each bursting with hundreds of Baidu heat waves and nearly 1,000 atmospheric pressure shock waves, washing the workpiece clean.

The external structure of the small ultrasonic cleaning machine: it is made of the inner liner shell; the inner liner is made of SUS304 stainless steel, one-time stamping, no welding out, thick, durable; The shell is made of SUS stainless steel with mirror light pattern by cutting, bending, and then internal welding. There are no welding marks on the surface. The overall shape is beautiful and generous or plastic-shaped shell, small size, light and easy to carry, can enter the work state anytime, anywhere, at will. Automatic shutdown, easy operation.

Small ultrasonic cleaning machine control system is divided into numerical control type and mechanical type with heating constant temperature system

Digital control type: adopt digital touch key control system, can display ultrasonic working time and setting time, also can display heating temperature and setting temperature.

Mechanical type: the use of mechanical control system, simple operation, mechanical knob in place, accurate control accuracy, accuracy is less than 5%, in addition to heating and setting temperature can also adjust the time to work.

As consumers, these need to know, so that according to specific circumstances to combine their own needs to buy suitable small ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Analysis of small ultrasonic cleaning machine