Knowledge | 2022-10-14

How to maintain the ultrasonic cleaning machine? How to use it correctly?


Someone once asked me, “Why did my ultrasonic cleaner break down so quickly?”? Although this person bought is not my family's brand, I still can not help but maintain the dignity of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, because it is the fault of the ultrasonic cleaning machine. I wanted to curse when I saw the rusted body and the scarred signs. What do you think the machine is? A trash can? The man asked if this is stainless steel. How Can It Be Rusty? Yes, it is stainless, but the best stainless steel is useless regardless of maintenance. This happens in many factories because machines are given to workers. Because of poor management, workers should not talk about the maintenance of machinery and equipment. It's better not to be violent. Many workers even throw away small machines, such as small ultrasonic cleaning machines, which are easy to pick up and throw on the ground. In general, the tank after the liquid is used up often does not drain clean, stay in the tank, especially some containing acid and alkali solution cleaning agents will corrode the tank.

A piece of equipment, it's very important to maintain, if it's properly maintained, it can extend its life by a few years. We have some old customers who wear it out for ten years and then use it to repair the ultrasonic cleaning machine, we directly replace customers, free of charge, this is the love of ultrasonic cleaning machine customers reward. Ask these regular customers how rarely they use it. Some are less useful, but most work almost every day, so how do you use them? To sum up, it is similar, but with the following points:

1. Not long uninterrupted use, standard machine 20 minutes, industrial machine 12 hours shut down more than 30 minutes rest; although an ultrasonic cleaning machine is a machine, it will also fatigue, especially the standard machine, more need to rest. The principle of ultrasonic cleaning is through ultrasonic vibration generated by the high-frequency vibration of the formation of ultrasound to remove dirt, no matter how good the vibration, it can not stand.

2. If not used for a long time, the tank should be removed from the liquid. If it is a chemical cleaning agent, it is best to use clean water, and finally dry. Usually, after work wipe clean. Only by keeping it clean can it not corrode and rust. Once rusted, it is possible to rust.

3. Don't put it in a corner or an unventilated place. Ultrasonic cleaning machine work will produce heat, which needs to release. If there is no ventilation, it is easy to heat badly and burn out.

4. Avoid dry cooking. Some customers don't want to put too much water, because cleaning agents are more expensive, and some customers don't want to put too much water, because the workpieces are smaller and don't need too much water, so they only put a little water in the tank, then turn on the heating feature, which is the equivalent of Attack the Gas Station. If they don't burn the bottom, they won't stop. If they burn out, they replace them. Which costs more? Measure for yourself.

5. Handle with care. Do not think that the ultrasonic cleaning machine is an iron guy, can be thrown away at will. You know, circuit boards, precision components, and ultrasonic oscillators.

Well, that's it. The customers who care need not say much, because they will cherish everything, while the customers who do not care say too much are useless. If they break, they will fix it. It's no big deal.

How to use the ultrasonic cleaning machine correctly?

As we all know, the use of ultrasonic cleaning machines has been popularized and civilians. In the past, it was only active in the industry. Now, some families also use ultrasonic cleaning machine products. To avoid stepping on the pit, let's introduce how to use the ultrasonic cleaning machine correctly.

First, turn on the power and start filling the tank with water. In general, the water height is not more than three-quarters of the cleaning tank. The next step is heating, starting the electric heating switch, the water temperature is about 60 degrees C. For a better cleaning effect, detergent can be added, preferably up to 40 ° C, generally speaking, the highest temperature of the detergent should not exceed 70 ° C.

The final step is simply to clean the surface of the workpiece, such as dirt, dust, and so on, and then put it into the cleaning tank.

How to maintain the ultrasonic cleaning machine? How to use it correctly?