Knowledge | 2022-05-26

ultrasonic water bath with sweep frequency


What is the difference between the frequency sweeping ultrasonic water bath and the ordinary ultrasonic water bath? I believe that in the process of understanding the ultrasonic water bath, many users will find that some ultrasonic water baths on the market have a frequency sweeping function, and some do not have this function. So Some people will have questions. What is the effect of the sweeping function? We briefly introduce the frequency sweeping ultrasonic water bath.

At present, most ultrasonic water baths are cleaned with single-frequency or dual-frequency adjustment of ultrasonic frequency. However, due to the changes in some parameters such as cleaning temperature and time, it is easy to drift the parameter resonance frequency, which causes changes in the ultrasonic power. In addition, many ultrasonic water bath swaps are used in parallel, and the resonance effect of the resonance frequency of each switchor resonance frequency will be different at the same frequency. The cleaning effect of different parts will also be uneven, which affects industries that affect precision instruments and high clean cleaning requirements.

In the process of cleaning, the frequency of the sweep ultrasonic water bath is repeatedly swept within a reasonable range, which can avoid the variation of the ultrasonic power and the non-uniform sound field caused by the resonance frequency dispersion of the Ultrasonic transducer, thus a more conducive to improve the cavitation of the acoustic field, so that the cleaning effect of ultrasonic water bath better, to solve the problem of uneven cleaning effect. In addition, the sweeping frequency can drive the cleaning fluid to form a micro-reflux in the cleaning tank, so that the dirt can be quickly separated from the surface of the workpiece when it is stripped by the ultrasonic cavitation effect, and the cleaning efficiency can be improved.

ultrasonic water bath with sweep frequency