Knowledge | 2022-05-28

ultrasonic washing machine for piston rod


1. The use of the piston rod:

The piston rod is a connection part that supports the Pistons. Most of them are applied to the performing components of oil cylinders and cylinder movement. They are motion components with frequent movements and high technical requirements.

2. Causes of overheating of the piston rod:

(1). The piston rod and the stuffing box assembly have the deviation, cause the local mutual friction, and should promptly carry on the adjustment;

(2), seal ring axial clearance is too small, and should be adjusted according to the requirements of axial clearance;

(3), If the amount of oil is insufficient, should increase the amount of oil;

(4), gas and oil mixed with impurities, should be cleaned and kept clean.

3. Principle of ultrasonic cleaning for piston rod

Ultrasonic cleaning consists of an ultrasonic generator and an Ultrasonic transducer box, which utilizes the cavitation, direct inflow, and acceleration of the ultrasonic wave in the liquid and the vibration of the liquid and dirt. The dirt layer is dispersed, emulsified, and detached to achieve the goal of cleaning the piston rod.

When the ultrasonic cleaning machine works, the vibration signal with a frequency of 20-45KHz issued by the ultrasonic generator is transmitted to the cleaning solution by converting the vibrator into high-frequency mechanical vibration, the ultrasonic waves create tens of thousands of tiny bubbles in the liquid. When the bubbles close, they create an instant high pressure. A continuous burst of instant high pressure hits the surface of the piston rod like a series of small explosions, and the dirt on the surface of the cleaned object is peeled off to achieve the goal of precision cleaning. The higher the ultrasonic power, the better the cavitation, and the better the cleaning effect. The lower the ultrasonic frequency, the easier it is to cavitation in the liquid, and the stronger the effect. In general, the ultrasonic cavitation is the best, the working temperature is 30 °-40 °, the higher the temperature of the cleaning solution, the more obvious the effect, the actual application of ultrasonic cleaning, the working temperature is 40-50 °.

4. The advantages of ultrasonic cleaning machine

(1). Clean up the overall rust of the piston rod;

(2). Cleaning the granular impurities of the piston rod as a whole;

(3). Good cleaning effect, high cleanliness, and high cleanliness;

(4). Fast cleaning speed and improved production efficiency;

(5). Do not contact the cleaning solution of the hand, safe and reliable;

(6). It can also be cleaned to the hidden parts of deep holes, seams, and workpieces;

The high efficiency and high cleanliness of the ultrasonic cleaning machine are due to the penetration and emptiness impact caused by its sound waves in the medium, so it is easy to clean the components of the inner cavity and fine pores. The general processes such as oil removal, rust-proof, and phosphorization, can be completed in only two or three minutes under the action of ultrasonic waves. This is in the occasion where many of the product surface quality and production efficiency is high, and the superiority of this method fully reflects the superiority of this method.

ultrasonic washing machine for piston rod