Knowledge | 2022-08-13

Three common industrial cleaning methods


Cleaning according to the different scope of cleaning, can be divided into civil cleaning and industrial cleaning, cleaning involved in industrial production are industrial-based cleaning category.

Industrial cleaning can generally be divided into the following three ways:

1. According to the requirement of cleaning precision, can be divided into general industrial cleaning, precision industrial cleaning, and ultra-precision industrial cleaning. General industrial cleaning includes the cleaning of the surface of cars, ships, and aircraft, generally only to remove coarse dirt; precision industrial cleaning includes all kinds of products processing and production process cleaning, all kinds of materials and equipment surface cleaning, etc., ultra-precision cleaning includes the cleaning of mechanical parts, electronic component, optical components, etc. in the production process of the precision industry, the aim is to remove minute dirt particles.

2. According to the different ways of cleaning, can be divided into physical cleaning and chemical cleaning: physical cleaning: is the use of mechanics, acoustics, optics, electricity, heat, and other principles, depending on the role of external energy, such as mechanical friction, ultrasonic, negative pressure, high Voltage) hit. Ultraviolet radiation, steam, and other methods to remove dirt on the surface of the object. Chemical cleaning: depending on the role of chemical reactions, the use of chemicals or other solvents to remove dirt on the surface of the method called chemical cleaning. For example, with a variety of inorganic or organic acids to remove the surface of the object rust, scale, with an oxidant to remove the surface of the object stains. Disinfectants kill microorganisms and remove mold. Physical cleaning and chemical cleaning have their advantages and disadvantages, with good complementarity. In the practical application process, the two are usually combined to obtain a better cleaning effect.

3, according to the different cleaning mediums, can be divided into wet cleaning and dry cleaning: generally in the liquid medium called wet cleaning, cleaning in the gas medium called dry cleaning. Traditional cleaning methods are mostly wet, while dry cleaning, is more easily understood as the vacuum cleaner. However, in recent years, dry cleaning has developed rapidly. Such as laser cleaning, ultraviolet cleaning, plasma cleaning, dry ice cleaning, etc., are in the high, fine, cutting-edge industrial technology field of rapid development.

Three common industrial cleaning methods