Knowledge | 2022-04-25

The shipping enterprises like sonic parts washer


Under what background, the sonic parts washer is widely used in cleaning parts of the ship.  It is difficult to receive orders, the delivery is difficult, and the price of the product continues to decline. The shipowner often designated the use of foreign brand products. The current ship market is a downturn, and the ship supporting companies are inevitably impacted. In the face of such a potential crisis, the market awareness of boat distribution enterprises is generally enhanced. And there are a variety of measures to actively respond. To compete with foreign famous brand products, some domestic ship matches accelerate the pace of new product development. At the same time, many companies have recognized that there is still a small gap in product quality and after-sales service than foreign brands. They are adopting a series of measures: strengthen management, improve the process, improve quality, strengthen after-sales service, and strive to make shipowners choose domestic ship-equipped products.

So, why do they choose to use a sonic parts washer to break through the crisis around them in such a competitive environment?

A sonic parts washer is a perfect combination of the physical cleaning effect and chemical action of the cleaning medium. Optimize the choice of ultrasonic frequency band and power density. This can achieve thorough cleaning inside and outside of different parts. You can clean oil, carbon deposition, colloid, and other dirt. Overseas also uses microwave cleaning ultrasonic technology. Under the microwave function, the surface forms the hole.  Then causes the oil stain, the paint to fall off by itself.

Again, "sonic parts washer cleaning technology", can especially clean blind holes and various geometries. It has a cleaning effect that other cleaning methods can not achieve. The advantages of a sonic parts washer:

① save resources and reduce costs.

② The cleaning effect is good. Ultrasonic has a unique penetration and cleaning ability. It can clean the inner wall of the oil duct including the assembly gap and deep hole. This solves the long-standing problem of cleaning the ship fittings or the ship maintenance.

③ High cleaning efficiency. The cleaning speed of ultrasonic cleaning technology and simple process and process can be greatly improved with disassembly and cleaning. It only takes about two hours to remove an ordinary six-cylinder engine.

④ Good safety. Ultrasonic cleaning is mainly water-based cleaning, excluding flammable safety hazards during the cleaning process.

⑤ The entire process of ultrasonic cleaning is completed in the cleaning tank. It can solve the problem of dirty, chaotic, and poor industry difficulties in the production process.

To sum up, shipping enterprises can know that the existence of a sonic parts washer invisibly brings "wealth" to you.

(1) enterprise economic efficiency: to save labor, site, cleaning, and other costs. This can improve the income of enterprises

(2) social benefits: with the continuous progress of ship technology, the requirement for the cleaning quality of ship parts is higher and higher. The application of a sonic parts washer has changed the cleaning method of ship maintenance. It improved the maintenance efficiency, reduced the maintenance cost, and achieved good social benefits.

(3) comprehensive effect: the ultrasonic cleaning machine uses water solution cleaning. It not only has good economic efficiency and social efficiency. It has improved the dirty and messy work environment. It eliminates the hidden danger of inflammable and explosives in the process of ship cleaning. And it is a great change in parts cleaning technology in the ship maintenance industry.

In this regard, Guangdong Blue Whale designs and produces sonic parts washers for the shipping industry  (digital control). The features are as follows:

1, large capacity 100L design, can clean large parts.

2. It's quick and easy to use

3, the use of numerical control type digital panel operation

4. The cleaning effect of high power transducer is remarkable, and can be observed by the naked eye

5. Large parts can be cleaned.

6. The object glows after cleaning

7, digital LCD control boot time;

8, all stainless steel shell and cover, bladder, more high-grade;

9. The waterproof performance is greatly improved. The product is safe and lasting;

10. With a drain ball valve.

It is mainly suitable for various types of ship accessories, navigation accessories, ship accessories, shock absorbers, rudder blades, wheel leaves, etc. Of course, it is not only suitable for the shipping industry, but also various types of ship equipment accessories. It is including aerospace navigation accessories, automotive parts, hardware castings, superchargers, shock absorbers, etc. The scope of cleaning is wide and the effect is obvious. Do you say that ship companies can not fall in love with sonic parts washers for the shipping industry?

The shipping enterprises like sonic parts washer