Knowledge | 2022-04-25

The most "taboo" things about ultrasonic washer


People will have some taboo things, not to mention the ultrasonic washer? Because ultrasonic cleaning machine R & D and production can not be separated from the human mind. There are "principles" and "bottom lines" that it should follow.

Therefore, I would like to remind all non-professionals that they should pay attention to some matters when using the ultrasonic cleaning machine.

1. In case any foreign body falls into the bottom of the tank, it should be taken out immediately

2. When changing liquid or draining liquid, it should be done when the tank cleaning liquid is at normal temperature. And you must shut down the machine and draw off the power cord;

3. Clean and remove the dirt in the cleaning tank frequently;

4. Please don't run the machine too long each time. You should rest the machine for a few minutes after one hour of work. This can maintain the machine better.

5. When the ultrasonic cleaning machine is running normally, the uniform sound of ultrasonic and trough resonance should be heard. The surface of the cleaning liquid is not stunning. Only the water splashes were caused by the blasting of the acupuncture point. Elimination of oscillation is good for cleaning objects;

6. Please don't increase the temperature and run the machine continuously if you can clean the parts.  Because the temperature of the electrical box will rise if you use the heating function and run the ultrasonic for too long. This is easy to accelerate the aging of electronic devices in the box.

7. Never use flammable cleaners;

8. When the cleaning tank has no cleaning liquid, you must not turn on the heater or ultrasonic;

9. Prevent the washing liquid and water from splashing into the electrical box and transducer.

Besides, you better not add the temperature when the ultrasonic washer is working. This will affect the normal use of the machine.  The cleaning agent should be safe to use. Please don't let foreign objects fall into the ultrasonic washer. You should clean and maintain the ultrasonic washer when you don't use it.

The most "taboo" things about ultrasonic washer