Knowledge | 2022-06-10

The role of laboratory ultrasonic cleaner


The use of laboratory equipment will be attached to grease, perspiration, laboratory substances, and other dirt, such as storage when not clean will produce rust, and mold, which will not only affect the life of laboratory equipment, it will also affect the effectiveness of the user experiment. In the past, there are two ways to clean the laboratory, the first is to use a shovel, scrape, brush, and other ways to clean, and the other is to use a variety of chemical decontamination solvent cleaning. Because these two methods have drawbacks, cleaning is not clean, resulting in environmental pollution and other problems, and then the laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine came into being under the high requirements of laboratory equipment decontamination.

Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly used for laboratory equipment, equipment cleaning, and disinfection. Common experimental instruments are test tubes, flasks, gas collectors, beakers, tubes, glass rods, tweezers, funnels, etc. . These instruments can be used to clean the laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine, disinfection. Especially for some special laboratory instruments, it is difficult to clean the surface with conventional cleaning methods. Ultrasonic cleaning technology can bring its cleaning advantages into play and achieve the cleaning effect that other methods can not achieve. In addition, the laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine can also degas, emulsify, blend, replace, extract, and so on.

Ultrasonic cleaning technology in the field of cleaning is a new cleaning technology, laboratory cleaning using ultrasonic cleaning technology mainly considers its cleaning mode more environmental protection, high cleaning efficiency, and good cleaning effect, it has incomparable advantages over other cleaning methods. With the better and faster development of ultrasonic cleaning technology, the use of laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machines in the cleaning and maintenance of laboratory equipment will be more extensive.

The role of laboratory ultrasonic cleaner