Knowledge | 2022-06-10

Steps and precautions of digital control ultrasonic cleaning machine


Blue whale laboratory digital control ultrasonic cleaning machine can be used in commercial, light industry, major universities, scientific research units of the laboratory, ultrasonic frequency, ultrasonic power, cleaning fluid temperature, ultrasonic time, and so on are adjusted by numerical control, and the data are displayed by visual LCD at a glance. This product is suitable for cleaning, degassing, defoaming, emulsifying, mixing, extracting, replacing, and dispersing with high requirement, high precision, and high cleanliness.

operating procedures of laboratory digital control ultrasonic cleaning machine

1. Put the items that need to be cleaned into the cleaning basket, and then put them into the ultrasonic cleaning tank.

2. pour water or water solution, according to the proportion of putting into the cleaning agent, cleaning liquid at least not less than two-thirds of the tank, to prevent heating tube burn out.

3. plug in the power supply, after starting the machine, the display screen will display the parameters, touch the mark button, and then adjust the parameters. Temperature from room temperature-80 degrees arbitrary, time can be set from 1-99 hours arbitrary.

4. After cleaning, remove the object, empty or open the drain valve to drain the cleaning fluid, and clean the tank.

Points for the attention of digital ultrasonic cleaning machine in the laboratory

1. Read the instruction manual of the digital ultrasonic cleaning machine carefully before use.

2, numerical control ultrasonic cleaning machine connected to the power supply must be grounded.

3. The cleaning objects shall not be directly pressed on the bottom of the cleaning tank and the bottom of the colliding transducer.

4. No strong acid, strong alkali, or explosive chemical reagent shall be used.

Steps and precautions of digital control ultrasonic cleaning machine