Knowledge | 2022-03-15

The function of heating in the ultrasonic cleaning machine


After a period of work, the heat generated by the ultrasonic cleaning machine itself can heat the cleaning liquid to a certain temperature. So why is the ultrasonic cleaning machine still need the heating function? The reason is simple. Although the ultrasonic cleaning machine itself generates heat to increase the water temperature, the speed is too slow, just like washing a bowl with hot water.

In general, for oil pollution, using a certain temperature is better than using a normal temperature liquid. Second, when the cleaning temperature is increased, it is conducive to air. However, the vapor pressure in the bubbles rises, and the cavitation intensity is lowered. Therefore, the choice of temperature should consider the impact on cavitation strength, and the chemical cleaning effect of the cleaning liquid. Each cleaning solution has its proper temperature range.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine generally uses a large amount of water to add an appropriate amount of cleaning agent as a cleaning solution. The suitable temperature is about 60 degrees Celsius. The cavitation is the best. It is a more effective temperature range for dirt decomposition. Therefore, when ultrasonic cleaning is usually used, the cleaning temperature is between 50 ° C to 60 ° C. However, it should be noted that to meet different cleaning requirements. When purchasing an ultrasonic cleaning machine, you should choose one with a heating function. In addition, for some special industries. If you use alcohol, trichloroethylene, which is flammable and easy to explode, you can not use heating function.

The function of heating in the ultrasonic cleaning machine