Knowledge | 2022-03-16

How to clean the mechanical keyboard with an ultrasonic cleaning device?


For people touching the keyboard every day, we must face the keyboard cleaning problem. Because of the scientific experiment, after long-term use, the bacteria on the keyboard is about 100 times under normal conditions. This is 5 times larger than the toilet. This is also the keyboard that almost every office staff must touch every day! At present, only a few mechanical keyboard enthusiasts will use professional equipment to clean, ie ultrasonic cleaners. Other ordinary users are using the manual cleaning method. But manual cleaning is often unable to clean some places. For example, the position below the keycap can not be washed with manual cleaning. Almost no damage to bacteria. Only use 70% of alcohol to wipe the keyboard surface to kill most bacteria. Use ultrasonic cleaning machines and dedicated cleaners to clean various mechanical keyboards. This cleaning method can not only kill bacteria on the surface of the keyboard but also can completely kill bacteria.

The steps to clean the keyboard with an ultrasonic cleaning machine:

1. Prepare a screwdriver or a small screwdriver and carefully remove the keycap;

2. After removing the keycap, remove the panel from the back of the keyboard;

3. Remove the rubber pad. Circuit board; (these parts cannot be cleaned)

4. The keycap and keyboard is then cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaning machine;

5. Add water to the cleaning machine, add the cleaning agent (detergent, washing powder), start the cleaning button;

6. After 11-15 minutes, remove the keyboard and some keycaps, rinse it with water;

7. After cleaning, dry the keyboard housing and a keycap, dry with a hairdryer, or place before the electric fan.

8. Then assemble the air-dried keyboard housing and keycaps.

How to clean the mechanical keyboard with an ultrasonic cleaning device?