Knowledge | 2022-09-13

The application direction of ultrasonic cleaning technology in the automobile industry


With the rapid increase of automobile production and per capita automobile ownership in our country, the application prospect of green ultrasonic cleaning technology is very broad, mainly in the following areas have been more and more automotive practitioners and engineers of recognition and promotion.

1. Precision parts processing, automobile parts surface treatment, cleaning before assembly

The piston, piston ring, connecting rod, gear, and other main parts of the automobile engine and hydraulic and pneumatic components have higher cleanliness requirements. If a car gasoline engine piston cleaning can be developed multi-station cleaning process can meet the very high cleanliness requirements.

2. Steam cleaning during forming and processing

The wheels are formed by rolling the profiles and then assembled by welding. Before forming and after welding, basic oil removal and strong acid cleaning are carried out to remove the oxide scale and welding slag. Such as the use of green ultrasonic cleaning equipment for the wheel of raw materials for batch cleaning, can get rid of the strong acid cleaning; The automobile wheel factory and the frame factory adopt the green ultrasonic cleaning equipment to carry on the comprehensive treatment of oil removal, rust removal, oxide scale removal, and phosphating, to ensure the adhesion of the paint film when painting, the appearance quality of the paint parts is improved.

3. Decontamination and cleaning in automobile maintenance

With the rapid development of the automobile maintenance industry, maintenance equipment is constantly updated, and the use of green ultrasonic cleaning equipment for precision parts of the maintenance and cleaning is time-saving and labor-saving, the best way to save on cleaning costs and get the best results. For example, no matter what kind of material filter or no matter what use of a filter, after using for some time, will due to impurities and reduced permeability and scrap, the price of the ordinary filter can be lower, but for high-grade cars, the price of the imported filter element is very high, it is a pity to discard it. Using an energy-gathering ultrasonic cleaning machine can concentrate the energy above 1 kW on the radiation surface of 200 mm × 20 mm, the ultrasonic intensity is big, and can quickly remove the blockage, cleaning a filter for 10-15 minutes.

4. Cleaning the car during use

In the use of the car, in addition to maintenance work, the most are the body and body outside the clean. For the car, body cleaning can also consider the use of green ultrasonic cleaning technology for its cleaning. In this way, by establishing the recycling system of the green ultrasonic cleaning equipment, the cleaning fluid of the car body can be reused, and the cleaning work of the car can be completed efficiently and environmentally, for the waste of water, environmental pollution can be reduced to a minimum.

New ultrasonic cleaning technology and equipment have been gradually developed and applied in the automobile industry, such as vacuum cleaning, plasma cleaning, ultraviolet/hydrogen cleaning, laser cleaning, and dry ice cleaning, showing a good effect and application prospects.

Ultrasonic cleaning technology is an advanced, efficient, green modern cleaning technology, easy to achieve mechanization, and automation, especially for the shape of complex and porous parts, compared with other cleaning methods have incomparable advantages. With the rapid development of the automobile industry in our country and the continuous increase of per capita automobile ownership, the application of green ultrasonic cleaning technology in the automobile manufacturing process and use process will be more and more extensive and is moving towards large-scale, high efficiency, and automation.

The application direction of ultrasonic cleaning technology in the automobile industry